Volume 1 No 1 | SPRING 2020
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February 12 - Washington D.C. – Hispanics In Energy (HIE) wrapped up its second Energy Legislative Forum last month in Washington D.C., joined by a powerful group of leaders in public policy, regulatory affairs, corporate executives, academic institutions, trade associations and community leaders from around the nation.
Speaker, Presenter and Award Highlights
Mr Joseph Dominguez, CEO of ComEd and Chairman of the Board of Directors of HIE, delivered a keynote highlighting the importance of team efforts in increasing diversity and Hispanic inclusion in energy.

Prominent speakers included: The Honorable James Campos of the US Department of Energy; Sheila Slocum Hollis, Chair of US Energy Association and Counsel at Duane Morris, LLP; Horacio Licon with IHSMarkit, producers of the remarkable CERAWeek in Houston, TX; Paula Glover, President and CEO of American Association of Blacks in Energy; and, Bob Gee, Chairman of the Board of Asians in Energy.

Dynamic panel topics included: Unveiling the new HIE Hispanic American Energy STEM Institute; Building a Hispanic Energy Executive Network in the US; Latino Perspectives on Carbon Emission Policy in the US; and, Driving Supplier Diversity/Inclusion for Hispanic-owned Businesses. 
Panel 1 - Infrastructure Driving Supplier Diversity Inclusion for Hispanic Owned Businesses
Moderated by Lewis Binswanger, VP for Southern Company with panel members Commissioner Martha Guzman Acevez, California Public Utilities Commission; Ramiro Cavazos, President & CEO, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Commissioner Lea Marquez Peterson, Arizona Commerce Corporation Commission; and Marty Durbin, President, Global Energy Institute, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
US House of Representatives Member Tony Cárdenas (D-CA), advocate for the economy, STEM training and inclusion, remarked on the urgency of full participation of Hispanics in the energy industry. He is a member of the powerful House and Commerce Committee.
Commissioner Sadzi Martha Oliva, Illinois Commerce Commission was presented with the " Outstanding Energy Leader Award " for her leadership and influence in promoting diversity and inclusion through the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Subcommittee on Supplier and Workforce Diversity. She led to obtain approval from the NARUC Board of Directors the first-ever Resolution addressing the need to increase Hispanic participation in the energy STEM careers. This led to the creation of the Hispanic American Energy STEM Institute, a partnership led by Hispanics In Energy with over 25 national stakeholders.
Panel 2: Hispanic American Energy STEM Institute Moderated by Dr. Stephanie Herrera, with panel members Rebecca Winkel, American Petroleum Institute (API), Gloria Corral, Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE); John Aguilar, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities / Hispanic Serving Institutions (HACU/HSIs); and, Emmanuel Caudillo, White House Council on Hispanic Education Excellence.
Charles E. Vela, Founder of STEM Award

Charles is known for having created the concept and coined the term STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as a means of conceptually unifying the physical world with the mental world, demystifying knowledge, and conceiving key elements for the making of a scientist, including: 1. Learning to visualize complex phenomena 2. Acquiring intuition to solve real and abstract problems 3. Pattern recognition 4. Modeling of the real and abstract world 5. Acquiring the tools for solving problems including: a. logic and mathematical syntax b. analysis and synthesis c. praxis and ingenuity 6. Continued self-learning
United Minorities In Energy Associations

Jose L. Perez, Hispanics In Energy (HIE)
Paula Glover, American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)
Robert Gee, Asians in Energy, Environment & Commerce (AE2C)

We thank Paula and Bob, leaders of our sister organizations, for supporting HIE and sharing their thoughts of common issues and concerns with our guests during our legislative forum.

American Energy Consumers

  • Hispanic 59.9 million
  • African American 41 million
  • Asian 18.7 million
  • Total - 36.4% of all energy consumers
Silvia Aldana, Pacific Gas & Electric

Silvia was presented the "Outstanding Energy Leader Award" for her effective contribution to the development of Hispanics In Energy since its beginning eight years ago. She is a highly influential and well-connected Latina in Washington D.C. with Latino, Asian and African American national elected officials and leaders in the community. She is based in San Francisco, CA.
Nelson Perez, National Grid
Nelson was presented with the "Outstanding Energy Leader Award" for his service as the top government affairs executive of National Grid in Washington D.C. He is engaged with all the critical energy policy that Congress considers throughout the session. He is an enthusiastic supporter of HIE.
Panel 3 – Building A Hispanic Energy Executive Network of America
Numerous Hispanics are well prepared and seeking to serve on energy company boards of directors and as C-suite executives. Many more are ready to benefit from the mentorship of leaders and influencers. What are the challenges, solutions and opportunities for America’s 2,500 top energy companies to increase Hispanic representation in energy governance? The panel was moderated by Judge Nelson Diaz, Member of the PECO Board of Directors (Vice Chair of HIE); former Florida utility commissioner Eduardo Balbis; former Michigan utility commissioner and HIE Board Member Monica Martinez; Esther Aguilera, CEO, Latino Corporate Directors Association; and Cid Wilson, CEO, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR)
Panel 4 – Latino Perspectives on State Carbon Emission Policy in America
America is considering dramatic changes in energy policy impact of carbon emissions to climate change concerns. This panel explores the roles of each sub-energy sector in achieving clean energy that respects the environment, humanity, animal life and that sustains a healthy economic opportunity to continue to prosper, advance technology and education. The moderator of this panel was Commissioner Maria Bocanegra, Illinois Commerce Commission, Aaron Padilla, American Petroleum Institute; Nelson Perez, VP, National Grid; Erin Duncan, VP, Solar Energy Industries Association; and, Jose Nino, Chairman, Biofriendly.
Joseph Dominguez
CEO, ComEd
Judge Nelson Diaz
Vice Chairman
Board Member, PECO
Jose L. Perez
President & CEO
Nancy Zarenda
Olman Valverde, ESQ.
Monica Martinez
Board Member
Lewis Binswanger
Board Member
VP, Southern Company/Nicor Gas
David C. Lizarraga
Co-Founder and Advisor, HIE
Founder & CEO, TELACU Education Foundation
Silvia Aldana
Co-Founder and Advisor, HIE
Sr. Advisor, National Stakeholders
Pacific Gas & Electric
Special Thank You To Our Speakers and Supporters

Members of Congress
Congressman Tony Cardenas
Congressman Lou Correa
Congressman Vicente Gonzalez
Public Sector Regulators and Administrator
Hon. James Campos
Director, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity. U.S. Dept. of Energy
Commissioner Valerie Espinosa
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Commissioner Martha Guzman Acevez
California Public Utilities Commission
Commissioner Sadzi Martha Oliva
Illinois Commerce Commission
Commissioner Maria Bocanegra
Illinois Commerce Commission
Commissioner Lea Marquez Peterson
Arizona Corporation Commission

Thank you for hosting HIE's
2020 Energy Legislative Summit
Mike Sommers
American Petroleum Institute
Paul Afonso
Chief Legal Counsel
American Petroleum Institute
Elia Quintana
Director, External Affairs
American Petroleum Institute
Jared Hawes
Sheila Slocum Hollis
U.S. Energy Association
Counsel, Dunae Morris LLP
Horacio Licon
CERAWeek/IHS Markit
Esther Aguilera
Latino Corporate Directors Association
Cid Wilson
Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility
Ramiro Cavazos
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Jose Nino
Eduardo Balbis
Former Commissioner, Florida Public Service Commission
Paula Glover
American Association of Black in Energy
Bob Gee
Asians in Energy, Environment and Commerce (AE2C)
Erin Duncan
Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
Marty Durbin
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
2021 Energy Legislative Summit
February 10-11, 2021
Washington DC
Zack Valdez, Ph.D.
Project Chair
Rebecca Winkel
American Petroleum Industry
Gloria Corral
Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)
Stephanie Herrera, Ph.D.
Project Advisor
John Aguilar
Hispanic Associtiona of Colleges & Universities (HACU)
Emmanuel Caudillo
White House Council on Hispanic Education Excellence
Jose L. Perez, Commissioner Lea Marquez Peterson, Ramiro Cavazos
Charles E. Vela given the STEM Founder Award
Joseph Dominguez, James Campos and Jose L. Perez