Greetings! You are receiving this newsletter because you have at some point been in contact with the Shultzes (Tanner and Elissa) or Functional Fitness of DuPage. We are thankful, honored and humbled!

This newsletter is a long time coming and far from perfect. However, my passion to share what I've learned over the last 20 years as a personal trainer and health coach has not waned. My clients, friends, and family describe me as helpful, motivating, and knowledgeable of all things "deep health" from exercise and nutrition to sleep tips and stress management. I really hope you'll stick around to better understand this simple yet complex topic of healthy living, be open to what makes sense for you and accept my invitation to journey with us, Team Stronger Living.


Happy New Year!

It's not too late for new beginnings and resolutions for stronger living!

To date, my most impactful resolution was in 2015, when I set out to become more flexible! I was tired of tight hamstrings, low back and hips.

So, I committed to becoming a more limber person for the next 6-months and passed on a more common goal of exercising more and eating less.

The result was a deeper understanding of what works and doesn't for me, increased ease of movement, less residual muscle tension, and less pain.

I now include stretching techniques in my Stronger living 101 bundle package and help clients find what works for them.

Being functionally fit means that you have developed and maintained a routine that is working for you to do life on your terms. It includes a set of customized skills so that you are motivated to do things and have the energy, strength, vitality, and resilience to do them.

If you'd like to improve your functional fitness, discover what deep health is all about and live stronger, consider a free no obligation consultation and contact me today!

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Stronger living 101 - Get started right with our Essential Habits for Healthy Living course.

Health coaching - Align your habits and goals. Reach your greatest potential. Overcome plateaus. Maximize efforts. Build skills for lasting change.

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Exercise training - Weekly guidance and accountability sessions.

Online health coaching now available!

PLUS - New location and equipment!


Private, energizing, good music, welcoming staff, centrally located in the Mona Kea medical complex.


Free weights, bands, balls, cables, TRX, balance trainers, machines, treadmill, bike, boxing and more!

Stronger Living

Tip of the Month

Did you know... that strength is the largest influencer of our balance? Our functional fitness training method works on some of the other variables as well including stamina, flexibility, nutrition and hydration.


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