Inches From Sin's latest release is now on Bongo Boy Records and available World Wide for download and streaming. A 14 track studio album which has been distributed in Asia last year with Bongo Boy Records - Asia and now Bridgewater Triangle is available World Wide for Downloading and Streaming. 

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Inches From Sin | Bridgewater Triangle | Now In Asia on Bongo Boy Records Asia
Inches From Sin | Bridgewater Triangle | Now In Asia on Bongo Boy Records Asia
1.   See You Again
2.   Murder
3.   Out Of Reach
4.   Move On
5.   Hold On
6.   Weight Of The World
7.   Laid My Heart Out
8.   Be Good To Yourself
9.   Suffering
10. This Ring
11. Hit It One Time
12.  Come Get Me
13. 14 Daughters
14.  I've Seen Better Days
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Karen Holloway & Robert Brewer at Bongo Boy Records 5 Year Anniversary Part Nov. 21 2015  Photo Credit: Ron Shirly | Steel Notes Magazine
Inches From Sin is led by  Robert Brewer   
Karen Holloway. Robert was raised in the beautiful mountains of Hazard, Kentucky until his early teens, when moved to Elmira, New York where he completed his last years of high school. Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway began singing together when they first met in high school. Robert has opened for Edgar Winter, Steppenwolf, April Wine, Teenage Head, Wild T and the Spirit. Robbie has also appeared on stage with Blues Brother Dan Akroyd.
The 14 original tracks are available for digital download at KKBOX, OMusic, China TeleCom, Baidu Music, QQMusic, JD Music and many others. Bridgewater Triangle is a very nice complete collection of their music and is a must listen. Recorded at Saucer Sound Recording Studio located outside of Boston, MA and engineered by Jay Fernandes. Bridgewater Triangle is produced by Robert Brewer.
You will find power vocals from Robert Brewer, Karen Holloway, Lisa Ewing and Jordan Bombardier and this release included a variety of genres from R&B, Country, Americana, Rock, Blues and yes even some cool Rap. You will be pleasantly surprised with this new release. Bridgewater Triangle is the true complete picture of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway's talent and will impress you.
You can find the music of Inches From Sin on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six which was released on August 18, 2015 in Asia. Three songs "Murder", "Out Of Reach" and "Move On" were labelled hot tracks in Asia only a few weeks after its release date. The compilation is called "showing off the cream of the crop of indie rock" by Beach Sloth | Skope Magazine
Inches From Sin, featuring the talents of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway, give it up with their track, "Murder" that has a cool retro R&B sound that takes the listener back in time. The individual solos and harmonies are spot on and done to
perfection! The line, "I smell perfume and it ain't mine" sums it all up!
"Out of Reach", a funky blues based number that tells a story that has implications about what is happening in our country today. Love the retro guitar picking! UP FRONT & COOL!
"Move On", is a fun-sounding track that rocks you out from the door. Robert Brewer's vocals are strong and Karen Holloway adds nice harmonies as a compliment. The guitar's are talking BIGTIME!
                                                                                     -Michael McKenna - Nor'easter Entertainment Magazine
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