March 2019
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Of the many misperceptions regarding inclusion, the most common might be the idea that inclusion requires you to lower your standards – inclusion somehow means “anything goes.” Not only is there a healthy does of bias baked into this idea, it is the opposite of the truth. Inclusion is hard work, it is not the path of least resistance. Continue reading
Is there an increase in the number of White Supremacists in the military? Is there an atmosphere of harmony across race or is it a haven for racist behavior? Should we be concerned? Or, is the military doing more to root them out? To expose and persecute white supremacists and haters based on race? Continue reading
I recommend the book, Belonging at Work by Rhodes Perry, to all leaders who need to take that next step of assuring everyone on their team feels that they belong so that they can contribute their very best. Perry shares several key concepts along with many practical suggestions on moving from diversity and inclusion to the next step of, “cultivating a culture of belonging." Continue reading
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WDN Regional Council Update
Our thanks to Excellus BCBS, Rochester Regional Health and Monroe Plan for hosting our last three meetings!

At the November meeting, we used the article Meeting the Welfare Queen from Frank Staropoli’s blog A White Guy in Rochester to frame our difficult topic discussion.

At January's meeting, we used Jackson Katz's Mentors in Violence Prevention presentation to frame a discussion on the impact and origins of gender violence and the “bystander” approach to the sexual assault and relationship abuse fields.

At February's meeting, we discussed relating Rich Benjamin's Whitopia to our region, and the difficult topic discussion centered on the controversy that exploded in Virginia when it was revealed that both the Governor, Ralph Northam, and the Attorney General, Mark Herring wore blackface in college.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

ESL Federal Credit Union Recruitment Open House

Friday, April 26, 2019

Men & Media – Moving the dial from where we are to who we want to be

April 24–April 28, 2019

YWCA Stand Against Racism 2019

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