November 2017
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What is Legal Capacity?

This year, CACL & People First of Canada's Annual Federal Policy Forum focuses on the realization of the right to legal capacity for persons with intellectual disabilities. More information can be found here.

Legal capacity is a human right for all persons - all persons should enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis with others in all aspects of life. The term recognizes two things: the capacity to have rights and the capacity to act upon those rights. In practice, legal capacity ensures that a person is recognized before the law and can make decisions about his or her own life, exercise rights, access the civil and court systems, enter contracts, and speak on his or her own behalf.
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Shoppers Drug Mart Builds a United and Inclusive Team 
A culture of inclusion has always been a top priority at Shoppers Drug Mart in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. However, one unanswered question remained − if inclusive employment was the ultimate goal, where or how could Shoppers Drug Mart get started?

This is where Ready, Willing & Able became involved, acting as the mechanism to facilitate Shoppers Drug Mart's vision of an inclusive workplace. Three years and three successful hires later, the partnership Shoppers Drug Mart has formed with RWA is stronger than ever.
8th Annual Federal Policy on Inclusion_ Realization of the Right to Legal Capacity for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Canada. Dec 1_ Ottawa.
CACL in Action!
Highlights of our recent national and international work.

  • CACL EVP Krista Carr was in Montreal with our provincial member AQIS for their forum on violence and abuse against people with intellectual disabilities. 
  • IRIS staff and Open Society Foundations were in New York to develop a global study for the right of Legal Capacity for people with disabilities.
  • IRIS hosted its first partner orientation meeting bringing together organizations in 6 cities across Canada to work on developing and piloting a Public Legal Education & Information (PLEI) tool kit that will address specific barriers to accessing the supports/ services that are required for people with disabilities to receive fair treatment and a more effective response in the justice system.
  • The CACL Inspiring Inclusion team held multiple 'story tours' around the Toronto area this month, showcasing the mission and work of CACL to a variety of community members, professionals, and businesses. 
  • Michael Bach, Managing Director at IRIS, attended a human rights forum hosted by Open Society Foundations (OSF) in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina along with a group of OSF fellows to think through the current state of human rights globally.
  • Don Gallant, National Director of Ready, Willing & Able was in Winnipeg, MB for People First of Canada's conference and Annual General Meeting.
  • Inclusive Education Canada is working with the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living on a submission for the 'Commission on Inclusive Education' established by the provincial legislature.
  • CACL EVP Krista Carr was in Ottawa to meet with political staff in the offices of Minister Hehr (Sport and Persons with Disabilities) and Minister Hadju (Employment, Workforce Development & Labour) regarding the continuation of the national Ready, Willing & Able initiative. 
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Solidarity Symposium: Understanding Oppressions, Imagining a New World 

You're invited! Join IRIS and its partners for Solidarity Symposium: Understanding Oppressions, Imagining a New World.

This free one-day Solidarity Symposium will take place on Monday, December 4, 2017 in Ottawa. The event will bring together Indigenous, migrant peoples and people with disabilities to unite for change.

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Join the Empower Us Action Team with Inclusion International

Inclusion International's self-advocacy initiative Empower Us has an exciting opportunity for self-advocate leaders to join their work.

Empower Us is a global resource led by self-advocates to help build self-advocacy and inclusion around the world. Inclusion International is looking for volunteer self-advocate leaders to join an Action Team.

Upcoming Dates and Events  
November 25  -  International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
December 1 -  Annual Federal Policy Forum on Inclusion in Ottawa. This year's theme is Legal Capacity. Register here!
December 2 -  CACL Annual General Meeting in Ottawa
December 3 -  International Day of Persons with Disabilities 
December 10 -  World Human Rights Day
Save the Date  - Inclusion International is hosting the 17th Annual World Congress taking place in Birmingham, UK on May 30 - June 1, 2018. Registration now open! 

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