October 2018
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AGM 2018 - Sun Dec 2_ Delta Hotel_ Ottawa. Contact Judith for more information at jbutler_cacl.ca or 416-661-9611 ext. 235
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Registration Now Open for 9th Annual Federal Policy Forum on Inclusion 

The 9th Annual Policy Forum on Inclusion will be held on Monday, December 3, 2018 in Ottawa, ON. This year's theme is Inclusion: What Gets Measured Gets Done, and will include discussions on affordable housing, poverty reduction, and improving accessibility.

Hosted by CACL and People First of Canada, the format will include a series of panels and group discussion. Panels are designed to include a perspective of lived-experience of people with an intellectual disability and families, research, and policy expertise - both from government and community perspectives.

Wendy_s employee with Down Syndrome smiles along side her supervisor.
RWA Celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Every day, thousands of employees with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are driving innovation, enhancing consumer loyalty, and enriching workplace culture in organizations across the country.

Join Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) in shining a spotlight on National Disability Employment Awareness Month and celebrating the achievements and positive contributions of Canadian employees living with a disability, including those with an intellectual disability or ASD.

CACL in Action!
Highlights of our recent national work.

  • CACL EVP Krista Carr and CASDA Chairperson Cynthia Carroll presented the Phase 2 budget request for the Ready, Willing and Able initiative to the Finance Committee on October 4 as part of the Federal government pre-budget consultations.
  • Inclusive Education Canada was represented at a UNESCO-sponsored Policy Dialogue on inclusive education in the United Arab Emirates by IEC Associate, Jody Carr.
  • IRIS held focus groups across the country with local justice personnel and people with psychosocial and intellectual disability. The focus groups are part of IRIS's Access to Justice projects.
  • Michael Bach, Managing Director at IRIS, presented at the International Seminar on Legal Capacity and Supported Decision Making on September 20-21 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the rights of people with significant intellectual disabilities.
  • CACL EVP Krista Carr and Director Kurt Goddard met with the Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility Kate Young along with MP Matt DeCourcey, and other senior civil servants and political staff last week to discuss issues important to people with an intellectual disability including the Ready, Willing and Able program and draft Federal Accessibility legislation.
  • CACL EVP Krista Carr presented on "The Journey to Inclusion: The Next 60 Years" at New Brunswick Association for Community Living's Annual General Meeting on September 21.
  • IRIS Director of Social Development, Doris Rajan, attended the Gender Equality Network Canada meetings in Vancouver where Minister of Status of Women, Maryam Monsef, made a surprise visit.
  • IRIS Managing Director Michael Bach presented to the Board of Directors of Community Living Toronto on October 23rd on ensuring a right to disability supports in Canada, a long history of barriers and the 'charity model', and building a constituency to advance the human rights and citizenship agenda.
  • Inclusive Education Canada Director Gordon Porter is acting as a Senior Advisor to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Nova Scotia as they develop a policy on inclusive education.
  • A BIG welcome to new CACL staff members! Rachel Mills joins CACL as a Policy Analyst, and Natalia Hicks will be working on CACL's Life Worth Living initiative as a National Coordinator.

Women with disabilities sitting outside and smiling at camera.
Publication: Women with Disabilities and Housing

Doris Rajan, Director of Social Development at IRIS, has written a brief titled, "Women with Disabilities and Housing" for the Learning Network at the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children at the University of Western Ontario. Funded by the Government of Ontario and commissioned by DAWN-RAFH Canada, this brief explores the barriers that women with disabilities face towards housing and how poverty and discrimination increases likelihood of homelessness and inadequate housing options.

RWA hire John_ and his supervisors Erin and Matthew.
Le centre de villégiature Algonquin : un leader de l'embauche inclusive qui favorise la diversité

Le centre de villégiature Algonquin est une icône parmi les hôtels du Canada et un chef de file de l'industrie en matière d'embauche inclusive et de diversité. Leur approche a eu des répercussions positives dans plusieurs sphères, notamment en ce qui a trait à la rétention du personnel, l'engagement des employées et l'amélioration de l'expérience client.

Upcoming Dates and Events
October - National Disability Employment Awareness Month
November 2 - December 19 - "Flourishing: Somewhere We Stay Authentic" exhibition produced by Tangled Art + Disability in partnership with CACL. Click here to learn more.
December 2  - CACL, CACL Foundation and IRIS Annual General Meetings in Ottawa. Contact Judith Butler at jbutler@cacl.ca for more information.
December 3  - CACL and People First of Canada host the 9th Annual Federal Policy Forum on Inclusion in Ottawa. Register here .

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