September 2016
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"The Compass" Helps Job Seekers with Autism Navigate the Path to Employment

Ready, Willing and Able is pleased to partner with local autism organizations in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax to launch "The Compass", a database that supports job seekers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in navigating their path to employment.

In Canada, individuals with ASD represent a large, untapped talent pool of candidates in the country's labour market. Despite possessing a diverse range of skills and academic training, including areas of high demand, only 1 in 4 individuals with ASD are employed. 

Unfortunately, typical recruitment and selection processes often inadvertently screen out strong candidates who also happen to have ASD. Starting with the job interview, the true skills and abilities of the candidate may be concealed by difficulties in social communication, which are the very skills used to 'sell yourself' to an employer.

National Housing Strategy: Join the Conversation
The Government of Canada is working on developing a National Housing Strategy to create housing that allows all Canadians to access affordable housing that meets their needs.

A successful National Housing Strategy will strive to improve the lives of those with greater needs, such as people with intellectual disabilities, so that they can live in safe and inclusive communities that allow them to have full and meaningful lives.

Housing is a foundation for improved life and equal access to opportunities. Now is your chance to tell the government what your needs are, and how you think they can be addressed.

Make your voice heard by sharing your ideas, taking a brief survey or submitting your views in writing before October 21, 2016.

CACL in Action!
We've been working hard this month on topics related to national housing strategy, legal capacity , and more. Here are some highlights of our recent national and international work.

  • Michael Bach, CACL EVP, participated in the National Housing Strategy Expert Roundtable in Ottawa. 
  • CACL and IRIS staff held a planning day in Toronto to develop an operational plan to deliver on IRIS's 2016-2018 priorities. 
  • Michael Bach, CACL EVP, collaborated with Community Living Toronto to begin developing a 'Local Toronto Cabinet' of volunteers to support CACL efforts. 
  • Michael Bach, CACL EVP, is in Bulgaria co-hosting an international 'Think Tank on a new formula for the right to legal capacity'.
  • Michael Bach, CACL EVP, met with Community Living Ontario regarding response to the Law Commission of Ontario's report on legal capacity. 
  • Don Gallant, RWA Director, is in Nunavut presenting at the the 25th Annual Nunavut Trade Show and Conference.

A Parent's Journey: From Terrified to Amazed

This commentary appeared as part of Inclusive Education Canada's Inclusive Education Month blog from February 2016.  By Martha Walls.

When my husband and I learned that our unborn daughter had Down syndrome we were terrified.

Before her birth, our concern turned to daycare options. In something of a panic, I phoned the daycare we had planned to use - the Child Study Centre (CSC) at Mount Saint Vincent University (which is where we both work). The voice of CSC Director, Debbie Armstrong, immediately calmed my fears: "Of course we take children with Down syndrome! They excel here!" 

This was one of the first moments to predict how wonderful life would be with our daughter, named Quinn, and was our first glimpse at how very special the Child Care Centre is.

CACL Annual General Meeting 2016
CACL's Annual General Meeting of Members will take place on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel in Ottawa, ON.

This meeting will bring together Provincial/ Territorial ACL Presidents and Executive Directors, CACL Board of Directors, Distinguished Associates, Chairpersons, and Members of CACL Committees and Task Forces, as well as CACL staff.

To obtain copies of the Notice of Meeting, Call for Nominations, Appointment Form, Call for Voting Delegates, and Call for Resolutions and By-Law Amendments, and for more information, please contact Judith Butler, Senior Officer, Board Relations at or 416-661-9611 ext. 235.

Upcoming Dates and Events
September 21 - 23 - Community Living Ontario Annual Conference & AGM
September 29 - Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society AGM
October 10  - Thanksgiving Day - CACL offices will be closed

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