May 2018
Inclusion Matters_ News from CACL
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_Adam suffered in many ways_ mostly his confidence. Towards the end my son was telling me he hated himself. That he was stupid and a monster. His behaviours and outbursts at home got worse._
PRESS RELEASE: Inclusion BC Report Finds Seclusion and Restraint Still Widespread in BC Schools, Similar Circumstances Across Canada

Toronto, ON - Inclusion BC's work to curb the use of restraint and exclusion in schools addresses a critical issue for families across Canada. The report makes it clear that more needs to be done. It is not just a problem in British Columbia but is consistent with practices in schools across Canada.

Monitoring Matters | Vulnerable Persons Standard

Michael Bach, Managing Director at IRIS explains why monitoring matters in the context of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).

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Female supervisor and two male RWA hires standing in front of plan engine.
Air Canada Takes off with Inclusive Hiring Initiative, Ready, Willing & Able

This article was published on Air Canada's website, and in-flight magazine.

Since its founding in 1937 Air Canada has been one of the nation's leading corporate innovators and is among the largest airlines in the world, employing 30 000 people. Nathalie Lemyre, Director of Talent Acquisition, Chantal Dugas, General Manager, Linguistic Affairs and Diversity, and Holly Smy, Head Manager, Cabin Environment Quality, saw an opportunity to further develop inclusion within their teams by collaborating with the federal initiative Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) - which partners with employers to promote more inclusive and effective workforces. Since the partnerships inception Air Canada has hired three employees through RWA.  

Little boy in wheelchair surrounded by family outside.
Resource: The Family Lens

Families are the heart of our national Federation and the movement for inclusion. Our vision and resolve is rooted in the experience and aspirations of families who have fought tirelessly for equal rights, full citizenship and inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities. Inclusion is natural and rooted in the love that family members have for one another.

CACL has developed "The Family Lens" to ensure that a family perspective is integral to the goals and activities of the work done by those involved in the CACL Federation and others in the movement for inclusion. The Family Lens is a tool to guide the strategies and goals of our national Federation

CACL in Action!
Highlights of our recent national and international work.

  • Inclusive Education Canada, Community Living Ontario, Western University, Brock University, ARCH Disability Law Centre, and Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement released the "If Inclusion Means Everyone, Why Not Me?" report on the state of inclusive education in Ontario.
  • CACL made a joint submission with People First of Canada to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Person with Disabilities call for submissions on the draft General Comment no.7. We requested that family-based organizations who bring lived experience of disability and are committed to the principles and rights recognized in the CRPD should be a part of the definitions outlined in the proposed commentary.
  • Provincial election campaigns are underway across Canada. Provincial Associations for Community Living are ensuring that the voices of people with an intellectual disability are heard. Read about campaigns underway in Ontario, Qu├ębec, and New Brunswick
  • Doris Rajan, Director of Social Development at IRIS, presented at the Community Based Rehabilitation Africa Network conference in Lusaka, Zambia May 7-11 on the topic "The Local Traditional Model of Disability: Is the Social Model of Disability for Inclusive Development Adequate in the African Context?"
  • Gordon Porter, Inclusive Education Canada Director, has been supporting Nova Scotia ACL's current efforts following the publication of 'Students First', a report by the Commission on Inclusive Education.
  • Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) National Director, Don Gallant, met with senior officials of Purolator Corporate offices to further discuss the continuation and expansion of the RWA - Purolator national employer partnership. Don Gallant also presented to Purolator's Employment Equity National Council on April 26.

Vulnerable Persons Standard
Who Counts?

This blog is part of "Monitoring Matters", a special series of guest blogs by VPS Advisors. By Rhonda Wiebe.

No one counts the times
you cannot go out for a walk
because your eyes don't see the ripples in treacherous ice
And you cannot move more than twenty steps
before your body collapses in breathless fatigue
But you have to keep walking or you won't walk at all
there is no funding for someone to put on your socks
or tie your boots
And take you for a walk
no counting for that

Shane surrounded by his family in a pool hall.
This is Home

This story comes from a previous version of the Coming Create Change newsletter. By Ray McIsaac with Una Tucker, Newfoundland & Labrador.

Laurel Drive in Stephenville, Newfoundland is the place Shane Spencer calls home. At the age of 21, Shane came upon the idea that he definitely wanted his own place. He is now 42. He has been enjoying supportive living ever since. The world unfolded as it should for Shane and he is happy in life. Shane now lives in the former family home which became available to him when the family moved down the road from Stephenville to Port au Port East in 2010.

Upcoming Dates and Events  
May 30 - June 1  - Inclusion International is hosting the 17th Annual World Congress taking place in Birmingham, UK. Registration now open!
June 12 - 14  - United Nations 11th session of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD

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