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August 2019
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Kory Earle Appointed to Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization 

CACL is thrilled to announce  People First of Canada
President Kory Earle has been appointed to the Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization's (CASDO) board of directors.  Established by the  Accessible Canada Act , CASDO is a new organization that will develop accessibility standards for federal jurisdiction, in collaboration with the disability community and various industries. 

Kory's extensive knowledge and lived experience as a long-standing advocate for inclusion will be a valuable contribution to this important work. Congratulations Kory! 

Helpful Resources: 2019 Federal Election and Inclusion

This October, Canadians will be asked to head to the polls to vote in the Federal Election. Every voice matters, and under Article 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, everyone - including people with an intellectual disability - has the right to vote. Even still, polling stations and voting can be difficult to access for individuals with a disability. 

Over the last several years, Elections Canada has worked with CACL and other national disability organizations to ensure that polling stations are inclusive and accessible to individuals with an intellectual disability. This month we're sharing some helpful general resources on voting accessibility, and stay tuned for more resources from CACL on the upcoming Federal Election! 

My Home, My Community: Understanding Inclusion in Housing

In  November 2017 the Canadian Government released the National Housing Strategy (NHS).  The Strategy is focused on improving access to safe, affordable housing. CACL and People First of Canada are working closely with  the  Canada Mortgage and Housing
Corporation as it works to  improve access to  inclusive and accessible housing, through our national 
My Home, My Community  initiative. As part of this work, we recently looked at the aspects of housing that contribute to inclusion. 

We've defined housing inclusivity as "the degree to which a person's home either contributes or presents barriers to their participation in the broader community" By reviewing academic articles, studies and reports we found five housing-related areas that impact inclusion. We also learned that one area alone isn't enough to make inclusion happen. Read more about our findings and our other inclusive housing work on the My Home, My Community website.
CACL in Action!
Highlights of our recent national and international work. 

  • The RWA Phase 2 Agreement has been signed! We will launch Phase 2 effective September 1, 2019 and run until March 31, 2022. With the launch of Phase 2, RWA will once again be active in 20 primary communities across the country. Recruitment efforts for RWA staff are ongoing and it is anticipated that all positions will be filled by September 23 
  • RWA's National Program Managers Radha MacCulloch and Frank Fagan presented to a roundtable of supported employment agencies, organized by PEIACL Executive Director Julie Smith in Charlottetown on August 12.  The meeting reviewed RWA Phase I successes and challenges in PEI and planned for the launch of Phase II of the program. The meeting was attended by representatives of the island's four largest agencies, who affirmed their partnership with the RWA program for its next three years.

9 Employees Fired for Abused of Adults with an Intellectual Disability

CACL is deeply disturbed by the case of 9 employees accused of abusing adults with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at a Laval Care Centre.

This case reiterates research that shows people with an intellectual disability are more vulnerable to systematic mistreatment and abuse in institutional and congregate care. Living in the community is a right of all Canadians; people with intellectual disabilities have their right to a safe and decent home of their own, where they can exercise choices and control in their daily lives.

Upcoming Dates and Events
September 4 - Canada before the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for the adoption of the List of Issues Prior to Reporting

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