March 2018
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Eleanor's Journey: A Story of Public School Inclusion

This commentary comes from Inclusive Education Canada's commentary series for Inclusive Education Month (February). By Catherine & Gilbert French.

My wife and I have mixed emotions today because our 21-year-old daughter has left on an extended trip to New Zealand. We are excited for Ella, but will miss her. She has a working visa and is seeking adventure in a land far from the safety and comforts of our home in British Columbia, Canada. We admired her determination and self-confidence as she undertook most of the trip planning herself. 

How to Listen: Monitoring 101
This blog is part of "Monitoring Matters", a special series of guest blogs by VPS Advisors. By Catherine Frazee, VPS Advisor.

I'm a retired professor in Disability Studies, a disability activist and a lifelong advocate for social justice and human rights. I have spent much of my professional life trying to understand how atrocities are permitted to happen in human society, to decipher the warning signals and to unravel the threads of aggression and benign neglect that precede moral calamity. I am haunted by the darkness of our eugenic past.
CACL in Action!
Highlights of our recent national and international work.

  • CACL EVP Krista Carr attended the 2018 Inspiring Leadership Forum at the University of Regina on March 7, as a guest of Vianne Timmons, President of the University of Regina.
  • Over the past several weeks, Ready, Willing & Able National Director, Don Gallant, met with the RWA delivery partner (Inclusion Winnipeg) and government representatives in Winnipeg; and the RWA Saskatchewan team in Saskatoon and Regina. Meetings were also held with RWA employment agency partners.
  • On March 2, Michael Bach, Managing Director of IRIS, was keynote speaker for a conference at York University on "Improving Privacy Rights for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities".
  • IRIS's Justice project is underway with funding from Justice Canada. The project includes training modules for the justice sector on responding to people with an intellectual disability.

Colin Sanders, 64, Rows Solo Across the Atlantic Ocean to Raise Awareness and Funds for Community Living

The below article comes from Community Living Ontario.

Colin Sanders was greeted by ship horns and a hero's welcome when his boat entered Antigua's English Harbour on March 2, 2018 after rowing across the Atlantic Ocean for 83 days.

The resident of Port Hope, Ontario began his journey called A Million Possibilities: Solo Ocean Row 2017 from the Canary Islands' Puerto de Mogán on December 10th, 2017.

Don Gallant and Krista Carr sit with fellow panelists
Krista Carr & Don Gallant on Panel at Human Resources Director Canada Conference

Krista Carr, CACL Executive Vice-President, and Don Gallant, National Director of Ready, Willing & Able, took part in the first Human Resources Director Canada "Diversity & Inclusion Masterclass" in Toronto.

Krista acted as moderator, while Don was a speaker on the panel "Embracing Disabilities in the Workplace".

"Design HR practices that benefit ALL employees, not just people with disabilities. That makes good and inclusive workplaces," said Don.

Upcoming Dates and Events  
March 30 - April 2  - CACL offices are closed for Easter weekend
April 7 - World Health Day
  April 13 - 14  - Inclusion Alberta's Family Conference in Edmonton, AB.
 May 24 - 26 - Rise Up! Inclusion BC's Annual Learning Event in Kelowna, BC.
Save the Date  - Inclusion International is hosting the 17th Annual World Congress taking place in Birmingham, UK on May 30 - June 1. Registration now open!

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