Inclusion Spotlight
July, 2020
Where To Go To Be In The Know: Illinois Resources
Back to school looks different this year, but you can count on Early CHOICES to be there to support you regarding inclusion. Due to the fluid nature of plans right now, we want to share with you our go-to resources in Illinois to stay in-the-know.

National Resources You Can Trust
Remote Service Delivery and Distance Learning
Video Chat
Wondering what are the recommendations regarding providing high quality services to children with disabilities and their families using distance learning? We have found the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center's webpage dedicated to the topic very helpful. Resources include information from professional organizations, tele practice and equity. We encourage you to browse their resources and check back in periodically.
Highlighted resource
The Division for Early Childhood has curated resources specifically for supporting young children birth to eight with disabilities and their families during the COVID outbreak. Their COVID resources page includes blogs, webinars, resources for families and books for children and much more.
Social Media Campaign
We want to hear from you!

During these unprecedented and transformative times, we are looking ahead to the future and the critical importance of inclusion. To raise visibility and awareness, we've launched a statewide campaign to share stories of howfamilies, schools, and communities are including children with disabilities.

We invite you to share your inclusion success stories with the hashtag: #IllinoisIncludes, either via your own social media channels or by emailing i so we can share your story.

Your voice matters, now more than ever, and we hope you'll share your experiences today!