Provided by Early CHOICES, 
 Preschool LRE Initiative of the Illinois State Board of Education.

Inclusion Town Hall
Do you work with children?  Then you work with families!

Early CHOICES, in partnership with STARNET and Aspire, is hosting Inclusion Town Halls across in the state to spread the good word about inclusion.   Each night will feature local families and providers who will share insights from their experiences. The event is geared towards families and those working in the field.

Attendees will:

Hear about the positive experiences of families with children with disabilities who have been included.

Learn the features of high quality programs that make inclusion work!

Join us!  All events 6:30-8:00 pm

Naperville March 1

Bloomington March 12

Chicago  March 15

If families in your program need financial assistance for childcare or local travel in order to attend, funding is available through STARNET and IDEC Please contact

Upcoming Events:

CoP Webinar:   Preschool Inclusion Toolbox: Measuring Quality  
March 5 3:30-4:45    
This COP will focus on Measuring Quality via the Inclusive Classroom Profile and other resources. The COPs will provide opportunities to engage with peers from across the state, and to hear from guest speakers who have effectively put recommended practices into place in programs programs just like yours.

Using The Inclusive Classroom Profile for Self Reflection
March 21, 2018 9am-3pm
St. Clair County ROE, 1000 South Illinois Street, Belleville, IL

In collaboration with STARNET,  join us for the unique opportunity to explore the Inclusive Classroom Profile, a research based assessment tool designed to look closely at the ways inclusive programs accommodate the learning needs of young children with disabilities.  This workshop will explore twelve indicators of high quality inclusion as described in the Inclusive Classroom Profile. In addition to reviewing the tool, attendees will learn how to use the ICP for self-reflection and improvement of high quality inclusive practices. Attendees will have an increased understanding of the twelve quality indicators and how they relate to teaching practices in the inclusive classroom.



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