July 2019
This month, we are reflecting on events and people that have shaped our community, and celebrating the many ways we can embrace the beauty of our differences. In order to assess where we are today, we have to also look at the history of our community, and confront the things in our past that are sometimes uncomfortable.

So much of our American history that demonstrates the racism and marginalization of certain communities is left untaught and unknown. At Inclusive Communities, we hope to address and bring to light the pieces of our history that you won't find in textbooks - our erased history - so we can learn from and avoid repeating the mistakes of our past.

From events like Stonewall to Tulsa's Black Wall Street to the all-too-close to home lynching of Will Brown in Omaha 100 years ago this September, these moments in history have lessons to teach that are still relevant today, and must not be forgotten.

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Maggie Wood, Executive Director
Join Us for Training for Trainers this September!
Inclusive Communities will be hosting its second Training for Trainers Workshop on September 19th and 20th from 9am-5pm both days.

Training for Trainers provides a foundation in how to provide effective workshops and trainings with diversity and inclusion in mind. Inclusive Communities will provide up to 20 hours of training on ORID method, foundational terms, and basics of Identity, Language, and Bias. It is recommended that attendees participate in at least one Inclusive Communities workshop prior to taking this training.

The training will address the following:
  • History and basics of the ORID facilitation method
  • Discuss and practice skills creating brave spaces for facilitating dialogues around identity
  • Look at the emotional and cognitive response to this knowledge and how each individual interprets their role in the perpetuation of the particular topic
  • Discuss how we utilize this information for programming that can change the norms around identity and discrimination and prejudice in the workplace and community

Space is limited to 20 participants.
Inclucity Alumni - Reunited and It Felt So Good!
We held our annual IncluCity Alumni Reunion on June 15 and WE 👏HAD👏FUN👏

Thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed our time together. We hope to grow this Alumni family in an effort to both showcase the lasting bonds IncluCity creates, as well as continue the work of social justice in our communities!
Heartland PRIDE Parade
We had such a great time walking in the Heartland PRIDE Parade on June 29th! Pride Month might technically be over, but we celebrate our LGBTQ+ community and allies all year round!

Omaha Table Talk
Final OTT of the Season Addresses Epidemic of Gun Violence
Thank you to everyone who came out to our final Omaha Table Talk of the season on June 20!

During our Omaha Table Talk on the Mass Shooting Epidemic, our scheduled panelist Bill Jelkins, part of the administration at Millard Public Schools, was unable to make it because of a credible gun threat at a Millard school. Thankfully, the situation was handled without violence by MPS staff and police. This incident highlighted the importance and timeliness of this conversation, and the need for realistic solutions to the address the root causes of the issue.

We thank Marian Fey, who  was able to attend in his place, alongside  Megan Gentrup  of  Moms Demand Action - NE , and  Samantha Rose , an incredible survivor of the Millard South High School shooting in 2011 and daughter of Beverly Flynn, who was taken from us in the Von Maur shooting in 2007.
Let's Taco Bout It !
Summer is time for our staff and partners to refresh and re-evaluate the impact and value of our community conversations. We want to ensure that the Omaha Table Talk series addresses issues that are important to YOU!

At the end of each Omaha Table Talk season, we host "Taco Bout It", a session with many amazing community partners, to enjoy some tacos and discuss the work we are all doing and how we can create an OTT line-up full of meaningful topics for the next year.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our full OTT schedule this fall!

We want to thank all the organizations that came out to talk, brainstorm, and collaborate on what the next year for Omaha Table Talk looks like:
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Buford Foundation
City Planning Department
Collective for Youth
College of St. Mary
Community Advocates
Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Heart Ministry Center
Heartland Worker's Center
Outlook Nebraska
Planned Parenthood
Sisters of Mercy
Together, Inc.
UNO Pathways
UNO Service Learning Academy
Vic Gutman & Associates
Women's Fund of Omaha
The inaugural LeadDIVERSITY class for the 2019/20 year will be announced this Monday! Follow us on Facebook and watch for the announcement in your inbox! Thank you to everyone who applied. If you missed the deadline this time but are interested in learning more about LeadDIVERSITY and becoming an advocate, click here !