May 2019
Keep Learning & Engaging All Year Long!
WOW! How is this year flying by so quickly? As we move into the summer months, we urge you to challenge yourself to continue learning something new about someone new every day. Reach out to someone you might not know very well, and learn where they come from, what their values and dreams are, how they like to spend their free time... you just might be surprised by how much you have in common, and how much you can learn from them!

Here are a few suggestions for ways you can make this happen:

  • Attend a Lozier Omaha Table Talk (See below for details on upcoming OTT events!)
  • Join us at the Latino Center of the Midlands Diversity & Inclusion Happy Hour on May 15
  • Apply for LeadDIVERSITY to learn how to become an advocate for inclusion in our community
  • Get involved! Identify an issue you are passionate about, and volunteer - Check out ShareOmaha for tons of opportunities!

Maggie Wood, Executive Director
Apply Today for LeadDIVERSITY!
Do you have a passion for increasing diversity in the workplace & community?

Are you ready to add equity and inclusion to your list of leadership competencies?

Join a cohort of like-minded leaders to turn these passions into action!

In partnership with OPPD, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and The Business Ethics Alliance, Inclusive Communities is proud to announce that applications are now open for LeadDIVERSITY !

During this year-long program, LeadDIVERSITY participants (referred to as Advocates) receive exceptional skills training to move Nebraska workplaces and communities forward. They will work together on a diversity, equity and inclusion focused service project highlighting the imperative nature of implementing serious social change.

LeadDIVERSITY will redefine leadership both for the individuals who participate and the organizations and businesses they represent.

Who Should Apply?
The LeadDIVERSITY program approaches diversity and leadership issues from a no-fault, interactive foundation with the goal of affecting positive change. Participants of LeadDIVERSITY can be from various corporate, non-profit, governmental, educational, health and community organizations. The program is for any leader who has an interest in the impact of diversity at work, in their personal lives and/or communities, including CEOs, Managers, Human Resources professionals, Board Chairs, Elected Officials, and other community, business and organizational leaders.

The application period is May 1st through May 31st. All applicants will be notified by July 15th, and the program will begin in September. The selection committee seeks applicants with proven leadership skills who have exhibited a strong community commitment.
LeadDIVERSITY Happy Hour
May 28, 5:30-7:00pm

Join Inclusive Communities at the Slowdown for the LeadDIVERSITY Happy Hour! We want to meet everyone that has already applied for the inaugural Advocate class and encourage those who haven’t yet to do so before applications close.

Come find out what LeadDIVERSITY is all about directly from partners like OPPD, Greater Omaha Chamber, and Business Ethics Alliance, who helped create a curriculum specific to Nebraska. Your first drink is on us as you network with your potential fellow Advocates. Meet program sponsors like First National Bank and Mutual of Omaha and find out why this program will redefine Nebraska Leadership!

Lozier Omaha Table Talk
Thank you to all who joined us for the Omaha Table Talk: Education and Ableism on April 25! The discussion addressed the massive amount of stigma attached to having a disability, whether it's mental, emotional or physical. Differently-abled persons are often ignored, or treated as not worthy, stupid, or just "less-than". 

Our panelists discussed some solutions to this nuanced issue facing our educational system. There needs to be a dialogue with differently-abled people on what's working and what isn't. It is critical to look at how our society is providing services, and the people who are being served need to have a voice in how they are being served.

We want to thank all our participants in the table discussions for sharing their concerns, experiences and ideas. We'd also like to thank our moderator, Tiffany Clifton, our panelists, Dr. Peter Seiler, Jacob Hausman, Kana Skay and Peggy Reisher. Special thanks to all our volunteers, and to our partners OMNI and DOTS.
Upcoming OTT Events
Race and Drugs
Tuesday, May 14, 11:30am-1:00pm

The intersection of race and drugs has drawn new fervor since more and more states have legalized marijuana. Now that the legal marijuana industry in America is booming, families of incarcerated people want to know when their family members, charged with non-violent drug offenses could come home.

A decision last year labeling the opioid crisis a “public health emergency” was met with public outcry when it was compared to how the crack epidemic, a crisis mainly affecting Black communities in the eighties, was handled. Who gets sympathy when drugs are involved? Who gets to be “just kids” and who gets labeled “violent thugs” when using and selling drugs? Find out when we take on this conversation Tuesday, May 14 th .
Omaha Table Talk - The Main Event!
Tuesday, May 21, 6:00-8:00pm
Register now to join Inclusive Communities for the 2019 Main Event! This signature Omaha Table Talk event will take place on Tuesday, May 21, serving as a kick-off to Omaha Gives! We will be partnering with twelve local nonprofits, each hosting a small group discussion around the subjects of race and identity, and how they impact the work they do. Each group discussion will be guided by a trained facilitator.

Omaha Table Talk Main Event – Tuesday, May 21
Various locations

What makes The Main Event special is that it highlights our overwhelming dedication to community partnership. This year, our partners will address how their core mission intersects with the issue of race in our community.

The Main Event provides our partners the chance to enhance their visibility and encourage the audience to get even more involved. Participating in the Main Event means that our partners understand that there is a connectedness to all of our issues if we look closely enough, and they all deserve our attention and collaboration.
Appropriation vs. Appreciation
Tuesday, June 11, 6:00-7:30pm

White people wearing dreadlocks? Non-native people with spirit animals? Do you really mean “Wakanda forever” if you aren’t black? Is it really ok to wear that headwrap just because one person from the community said so? Appropriation has been a hot button issue for a long time in America but has seen huge callouts in recent memory because of social media. Some well-intentioned people have pushed back claiming it’s not appropriation, but appreciation. But who gets to decide? Our panelists have an idea. On Tuesday, June 11th, come talk with the community about the do’s and don’ts on this hot topic.
Mass Shooting Epidemic
Thursday, June 20, 11:30am-1:00pm

In 2018, there were over 300 mass shooting incidents in the US. This continues a scary and deadly trend in which the United States is ranked number one in the world. What makes this such a problem in America, compared to other countries? What factors contribute to this epidemic and is it possible to find a real solution soon? On Thursday June 20th, we take a much needed look into the mechanisms of mass shootings and what could work to bring a new reality to an old problem.
Inclusive Communities is proud to sponsor the Diversity & Inclusion Happy Hour with Latino Center of the Midlands!
Join us for some food, drinks & networking at the Capitol District!
Don't Miss Omaha Gives! on May 22!

Omaha's annual day of giving is coming up on Wednesday, May 22!

Inclusive Communities is grateful for our generous donors and supporters who make it possible for us to continue working toward a community where every individual feels included and accepted.

Your gift will support Inclusive Communities' ongoing programming, including Omaha Table Talks, IncluCity camps, and Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy work.
Our IncluCity Camp participants were asked what coming to IncluCity meant to them:

"It meant that I can be me and not have to worry about who is going to judge me."

"IncluCity changed my life. It was a safe place and made me happy to be me."

"IncluCity...helped me become more open and also aware of myself and especially my privilege, and it made me want to learn more about being an advocate for change and how I can do that in my daily life."

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