The First Big Step Toward "Data Without Borders" 
Metro MLS introduced Inclusive Search to our members early last month (September) and the results have been impressive.  Inclusive Search was the first big step towards "Data Without Borders" and provides a solution to Metro MLS members by retrieving all listings from both Metro MLS and Wirex using a single search. 

 Why Inclusive Search? How Does It Help Serve Your Business? 
The answer is simple, more data, more information, more opportunity to serve your clientAccording to our members and national feedback, real estate agents find that more real estate data is available to the consumer than ever before. It's true, agents may have to educate their buyers of faulty information that may be found on 3rd party websites; however, this doesn't mean that all data consumers are getting is deficient. You asked and we listened; consumers don't have borders and we believe neither should you.  If a buyer is looking for a property specific to their needs and finds one, they do not care who it's listed by or what MLS it's listed in, they simply want access.
 Buyer Search = All Properties
Metro MLS Listings + Wirex Listings = Inclusive Search
Inclusive Search = All Properties (what the buyer is looking for) 
According to NARs Real Estate in a Digital Age (03/17) nearly all buyers research the internet first before contacting a Realtor ®.

88% of all buyers worked with a real estate agent to find their home.
95% of all agent served buyers used online websites to search for properties.
92% of all buyers relied on their real estate agents for home searches.
58% of all buyers found a property using a website and contacting their agent.
So What Does This Mean?

Although Realtors┬« are  still the most trusted resource when purchasing a home, they are not the only ones doing the research. Buyers are looking on their own time and assisting in the hunt.

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