Start Down the Road with
Meet the Speakers Webinars
Ying Ki Kwong is trying to imagine all the facets of quality when acquiring enterprise systems in large organizations. He'll look at mega projects and how subject matter experts can lead to unnecessarily complex software. Join us on Friday, September 21 at 9:00 AM PDT to discuss this inconvenient truth.

On Tuesday, September 25 at 10 AM PDT we are going deeper into Mind Maps as a way to improve test strategies and outcomes. Join Jennifer as she describes mind mapping tools and techniques and explores how mind maps can help increase team velocity and communication. Download a free mind mapping tool to use on a real-life problem as we work through solutions.
Networking! We've Got It!
During the day and into the evening, we are offering designated times for networking, including:
  • A first-ever Speed Networking session with fast paced interactions with targeted questions to keep the conversations lively.
  • Lunch time gives you a panel, discussion group or just plain old fun and games.
  • Late afternoon brings you exhibitors and poster papers over happy hour for inquiring minds to linger over.
  • The evening is organized with a Dine Around Portland, featuring hot spots and top chefs as we hit the town.

Come on and hit the road with us, rich content and lively networking await you at PNSQC 2018.