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Incorporating Breathwork Into Your Lifework  #1
Incorporating Breathwork Into Your Lifework  #1
Incorporating Breathwork Into
Your Lifework #1
Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of the Transformations Breathwork Training Program, has been using breath awareness and breath modification techniques successfully with counseling and therapy clients since the 1970's. He shares some of what he has found most useful about incorporating Breathwork into your lifework.
Breathing is a vital function common to us all and it is particularly instrumental in facilitating work with our clients. First in establishing rapport with them. Second in helping our clients truly take in what we have to offer them most effectively. And third as a tool for self regulation they can begin using after your first session with them. For training contact:
    - a practical 9 month online video course in letting love transform your life
January - September, 2017

Being and Living the Love You Are
Being and Living the Love You Are
Each month of this nine month journey we will engage in practices that radically upend the roadblocks to owning the innocence and purity of being in your Sacred Heart and radiating this glow to your world.
Each class will include videotaped presentations, virtual group engagement, ongoing practices and community support.
Join anywhere in the world and receive the monthly course videos and engage in the life transforming work with like-spirited companions. Immerse yourself in the vibrations of Love this year.
Residential Breathwork Certification August 13-17, 2017
Join us this  August 13-17, 2017  at Cedar Valley In Wisconsin for  a true body and soul renewal.  Learn to breathe fully and freely for personal transfor m ation and professional enhancement. Take the first breath of your new life.  Four Levels of Training  as a professional breathworker. Reserve your place now:   Information and Registration
Connect with your Life Source daily.  Contact Jim Morningstar for info.