Fall is a perfect opportunity to improve your game. Our trainers at Challenge can help make sure once spring rolls around, you will be game ready and one step ahead of the competition. The off season is a very important time for baseball players, especially pitchers! This is the time when pitchers are able to focus on building arm strength and improving mechanics, to reduce the risk of injury and endure the duration of the season.

Our Pitching Philosophy
Learn how to increase velocity the natural way! We will teach you how to use your core and the momentum that it creates off the mound to not only throw harder, but with less pressure on the arm. Discover how to create whip to throw as an effortless, connected motion. Reduce the risk of injury by learning proper arm care, exercises for rest days, dynamic warm ups, and cool downs. Read More

Creating the Total Package
Our pitching programs focus on more than just increasing velocity and mechanics. Work on secondary pitch development and location of all pitches. Most importantly, we have a specific strength & conditioning program just for pitchers using under/over weighted medicine balls, shoulder tubes, and bands. The combination of proper mechanics, arm care and strength and conditioning programs is what makes our pitching instruction different from regular programs. These key areas of focus will help transform you into a mechanically sound, power pitcher.

Meet Jonny Lee
Founder/Director of Instruction

Before opening Challenge in 2013, Jonny coached and taught private lessons for over ten years. He trained with current Houston Astros pitching coach and founder of the Strom Baseball Institute, Brent Strom. Jonny also helped lead Elite Pitcher Bootcamps with Ron Wolforth of Texas Baseball Ranch. Jonny studied Kinesiology at ASU and is a NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. His education and experience have allowed him to design distinctive pitching programs based on biomechanics.

We offer private and small group sessions. Schedule by phone at 480-245-6400 or online.