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Hi Cindy,

Over the years, marketing has changed. For those of us that have been doing this for a while, some things have changed a lot, and others have evolved. For example, case studies have been around for a long time and are still relevant. Read below on how to create and use them for today’s marketing.

I’m a big believer in hashtags in social media. It’s how many social sites find you and help others find your content. A good article below is about using them on Facebook.

There’s more on LinkedIn advertising, podcasts on YouTube, and your brand reputation—all essential topics.

Also, enjoy your 4th of July holiday. Be safe!

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Happy Independence Day!

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3 Tips To Create Case Studies That Turn Prospects Into Buyers

Case studies prevent your prospects from getting stuck in the funnel.

That’s probably why almost two-thirds of B2B content marketers use the tactic.

Case studies tell the story the prospective customer wants to know. Do you understand their pain points or need? Do you have a...Read More>>>

Protecting Your Brand Reputation on Social Media

Maintaining brand safety on social media should always be a priority for advertisers. Proactively preventing association with offensive, inappropriate, and harmful content and organizations can help your brand reputation to retain your audience's trust and avoid public relations issues.

It’s true that each ad platform takes steps to ensure that the organic content its users publish follows community guidelines. In addition, most paid social platforms enable a standard level of...Read More>>>

How to Add Your Podcast on YouTube

Why Brands and Creators Should Create YouTube Podcasts

Since mid-2022, YouTube has been slowly launching its podcast tools. This rollout couldn’t have come at a better time, as data from the Pew Research Center indicates that podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. According to the report, one in five Americans listen to a podcast almost every day.

YouTube first introduced a dedicated podcast page in August 2022, designed to help listeners discover new podcasts. In February 2023, the video platform began...Read More>>>

B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Plans

Marketing Pathways can develop a complete B2B marketing strategy for your business that will gain attention, create buzz, and create sales leads.

B2B Market Research...

Using Hashtags On Facebook Can Help Increase Your Organic Reach

Facebook started pushing the use of hashtags in posts in July 2020, literally in a notification stating that by adding hashtags, you can improve your reach.


Hashtags on Facebook first launched clear back in 2013 with an update in 2016. And, frankly, hashtags never really seemed to take off, and never made...Read More>>>

How to advertise on LinkedIn

Get started with Campaign Manager

If you don’t have a Campaign Manager account, it only takes a moment to create one.

Campaign Manager lets you set a budget, select goals (clicks vs. impressions), and have complete control over your campaign’s timeline. In addition, the platform includes several features designed to help you meet your advertising goals: ...Read More>>>

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