Jim Morningstar shares one of the most useful tools for jumpstarting a stalled human system....
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Increase Your Personal Effectiveness with 
 Maintenance Breathing: Live Demonstration
Personal Effectiveness: Maintenance Breathing
Personal Effectiveness:
Maintenance Breathing
In this excerpt from his Personal Effectiveness Principles Class #5, Jim morningstar shares one of the most useful tools combined with newly evolved discoveries he has learned which has been passed down through the generations for jump starting a stalled human system. Every major spiritual tradition as well as successful athletic training, mental coaching and emotional therapy have one thing in common in the process of maintaining  self-improvement - breath awareness and breath training. It is more than a metaphor for our connection to Source. It brings us back to the Source of Life. In many languages the very word for breath and spirit are the same. For Information: http://www.transformationsusa.com info@transformationsusa.com

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Three Free Breathing Techniques for You
Three Free Breathing Techniques for You
You do not have to be a full time professional to help yourself and others recover the love for life and the joy of being fully in the body. It is one of life's greatest satisfactions. When I discovered the power of breathwork and gained the skills of sharing it with others it transformed my life and my work. It has done the same for countless others over the past 40 years. Start your path of learning and sharing this life affirming skill at home and supplement it with in person training as is convenient to you. Apply today.   Jim Morningstar
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Join us this  August 13-17, 2017  at Cedar Valley In Wisconsin for  a true body and soul renewal.  Learn to breathe fully and freely for personal transfor m ation and professional enhancement. Experience the dawning of your new life.  Four Levels of Training  as a professional breathworker. Reserve your place now:     Information and  Registratio n