Increase your chances by 1000% 
With the news reporting how high our chances are of failing our New Year resolutions (42-92% according to WalletHub), you may wonder, "why bother?" Here's why: because Ready2ACT clients want to improve themselves, their businesses, and their lives.
What's the most common reason that people fail to achieve their
goals? Because they don't break them down into specific, smaller, attainable tasks that focus on the purpose.  You can you can greatly increase your chances of success by making "SMART" goals. We've all seen the SMART acronym, but nearly every time I 
re-teach it to clients, they admit that they don't really apply it to goal setting.  Let's review:
S pecific: What specifically do you want to accomplish? Avoid  ambiguous and vague terms like "sales, leadership, exercise."
M easurable: How will you measure your progress?  Beware of words like "improve, more, less" without a quantifier or qualifier.
A ttainable & Actionable: Break your goals into small, doable
tasks. Use our Goals to Action Worksheet  to help you do this.
R elevant: Why is this meaningful to you and what are the benefits? Make your goals personal, so they are important to you.
T ime-based: Give yourself a sense of urgency by setting realistic but challenging deadlines and timeframes.
If you want to increase your chances of success by 1000%, use our worksheet to write down your goals and then tell someone to increase your personal accountability.  Ask that person to help you make your goals even SMARTer. Getting another perspective can help you gain more clarity and conviction. Rewrite them appropriately and take action now. Celebrate each accomplishment on your way to your successful completion. 
Want some help? Share your goals with me.  I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2018!

Customized Project Management Training 

Does your team need project management training using your real-life projects? Ready2ACT is now booking on-site classes into spring 2018.

We'll come to you to deliver an on-site customized solution.
We work with you to create a program tailored to fit your culture, people and processes. We'll help you develop best practices and apply tools you can use for immediate results. Here you will learn how to save time, money and reduce employee frustration, all without leaving the comfort of your offices.   Email Tiffany with your needs and let us customize your training.  No PowerPoint!

Thank you to  Integrity Electrical Solutions for hosting our "Comprehensive Project Management with PMP Prep" 
 course last month

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