Do you want to increase diversity in your organization, but do not know how?

According to recent research, 79% of job seekers say it is important that they work for a place that hires people from diverse backgrounds, with greater proportions among women and persons of color.

With so many in the workforce seeing the need for — and benefits of — diversity, it’s up to organizations to create a culture and environment where all individuals feel welcomed.

Help your hiring managers learn how to interview and evaluate candidates fairly — and follow the letter of the law — without sacrificing due diligence.

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Our HR experts can help you with best practices for complying with state and federal laws including:

  • disability discrimination,
  • pay,
  • equity, and
  • criminal background checks


We can also help train your managers and supervisors on the following:

  • Interviewing do’s and don’ts
  • The ins and outs of checking references
  • Job-description wording that could land you in legal hot water 
  • How to remove bias from the interview process

And more!

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Do you know about Alternative HR's respect at work initiative?

This is a multi-phased approach to addressing societal and workplace issues including racism, sexism, ageism, LGBTQ and gender identity.


Phase 1: Respect at Work: Leader's Edition

An open and honest discussion with your executives, managers, and supervisors about their roles, responsibilities and liabilities related to creating and maintaining a work environment that is not only free from illegal and inappropriate behavior, but one which actively promotes respect, diversity and inclusion.


Phase 2: Respect at Work:

Team Edition

Once leaders understand your organization's initiative, it's time to get all of your team on-board. They need to know that their leaders have their best interests at heart. They need to know how they can expect to be treated, and how they are expected to treat others. They need to know that your organization understands, and takes these matters seriously.


Phase 3: Respect at Work: Strategic Challenge

What you do next depends on the strategy you pursue. We can provide resources, facilitate discussions, conduct organizational surveys that may expose hidden problems and biases, analyze the equity/disparity of your pay, hiring and employment practices, guide your complaint investigations, and even provide one-on-one coaching when needed.


It's time to do more than we've done! Creating an environment of respect, inclusion and diversity takes more than a policy and occasional lip service. It is time to do more in your organization!


For details on our Respect at Work Initiative, click here!

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