Increasing the Value of a Used Sprayer
Howie says: 

“Hey neighbor! How about doing something about that sprayer?”  

After many hot summers in the sun, poly booms can show their age. Just look at the twisted pipes, faded nozzle bodies, stiff diaphragm check valves, leaky turrets, and old, worn nozzles that need to be cleaned. “Do I make it limp through another year?” you ask.

    Warped Poly Pipes  
Warped pipes and worn nozzles are more than just an eye sore. They can have a dramatic negative effect of the quality of your spray application.

The green columns below the spray represent the volume of spray deposited below the boom. Warped pipes and worn nozzles can change where the major volume of chemical is deposited. If the coefficient of variation (CV) as measured in volume of liquid sprayed along the boom is more that 10% then something needs to change.
 Express Boom Assembly 

An Express Boom replacement can clean up the look of a boom in a hurry while solving all those issues that can crop up during spraying season.  

Benefits of Express Boom:

  • Even distribution (CV)

  • Boom Cleanout – removable plug at end of boom

  • Eliminates Chemical Contamination – field streaking

  • Savings: Agronomic value in spraying on time, on target and with faster shut off.

The ASABE 592.1 Standard
Best Management Practices for Boom Spraying

4.5.4   Check Uniformity: 

Maintain uniform deposition of spray material on the target across the boom. Uniformity of deposition is often just as important as the amount deposited. Non-uniform coverage can result from simple reasons such as using misaligned or clogged nozzles, using nozzles with different fan angles, or from uneven nozzle height across the boom. These common problems result in streaks, untreated areas, or over-application of chemicals. A portable patternator can be used to check spray uniformity. Another practical method of checking the uniformity of the spray pattern is to spray over a warm dry surface (i.e. a concrete surface) and observe the drying rate. If streaking occurs, make adjustments until a uniform drying rate occurs across the entire boom. **

Reference:  ASABE S592.1 AUG2016
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