Dear Friends of United Way,

We are delighted to share some incredible news and celebrate the recent achievements of United Way of Central Georgia in our ongoing effort to disrupt poverty and help more families become financially stable. Each of these accomplishments bring us one step closer to building a more equitable and thriving community. Here's how each success directly contributes to our mission:


1. Sustaining Grant for The Basics from the Deal Center

The $10,000 sustaining grant we received from the Deal Center for The Basics initiative allows us to continue our vital work in early childhood development. By equipping families with essential knowledge and tools, we are breaking down barriers to success and providing children from all backgrounds with equal opportunities to thrive.


2. AARP Grant for Community Schools United Safe Routes to School Project

The objective of this project is to create accessible and safe public routes to school by clearing pathways from four directions across the Pleasant Hill and Fort Hill neighborhoods. By creating safe and accessible routes using a two-generation approach, it will ensure that all students can easily access their education opportunities. Our project was chosen from over 3,600 applications. Partners for this project include Bike Walk Macon, Cure Violence Macon, and L.H. Williams and Burdell-Hunt parents, resident youth and seniors.



3. MVP Grant for Safe by Design Project in Pleasant Hill Neighborhood

The $15,000 MVP grant received for our Safe by Design project in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood is a place-based crime prevention strategy utilizing a two-generation approach. The goal is to reduce the risk of property crime for senior-occupied homes. Neighborhood teens will add target-hardening measures to the senior’s homes with the goal of reducing property crime in the area. The program fosters relationship-building between youth and seniors in their neighborhood in addition to preventing crime.


4. Losos Award for Parents as Teachers Program

The Losos Award is named for Carolyn Losos, a founding PAT board member and stalwart early childhood proponent. This coveted national recognition is given to Parents as Teachers programs that develop new solutions to address specific needs of their community or the families they serve. In addition to providing ongoing support to over a hundred families per year, our PAT program was recognized for starting a Fatherhood Initiative to engage fathers in their child’s life, a partnership with local legal aide organizations to help parents navigate the process of record expungement and increase their economic opportunities, thus improving family wellbeing, and our work with homeless families to help them meet their most immediate needs.



5. Sam Hart, Sr. Community Impact Award

The prestigious Sam Hart, Sr. Community Impact Award, presented to United Way by 100 Black Men of Macon-Middle Georgia, was in recognition of our cumulative success supporting community-based programs and services, leading community change initiatives, and mobilizing resources and volunteers . Through our initiatives and partnerships, we are driving transformative change, uplifting individuals and families, and creating a community where instability is replaced with opportunity and hope.


I am deeply grateful for the exceptional contributions made by our United Way staff members who played a crucial role in achieving these many accomplishments. Together with our many community partners and supporters, we are creating lasting change and strengthening our community for the long term. Let's continue to stand united as we work towards a future where every individual has the chance to thrive.

With gratitude,

George McCanless

United Way of Central Georgia

George McCanless

President & CEO

Celebrating the Harvest at the Gardens at Brookdale

The Gardens at the Brookdale are currently prospering and have yielded an impressive 600 lb. harvest in just four short months. Due to the rapid increase in produce, more volunteers are needed to help maintain the flourishing garden. Working at Brookdale provides an exciting opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives of people in our community. The fruits and vegetables harvested from the gardens affect both the physical and mental well-being of Brookdale’s residents by promoting health awareness and increasing their quality of life. Volunteers can work in the Garden anytime between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

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