"For they have given a little of what they didn't need, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has"    - Luke 21:4

It would be easy to look at this picture and assume this child in rural Rwanda was receiving food from Sustainable Med or another charity.  Instead, this image actually shows this child offering up his meal to Emmanuel and David as an act of extreme generosity.  Out of his poverty, he offered up everything he had.  This selfless act illustrates what we have seen around the world this year through our partners and their communities.  They may not have great material wealth, but they are giving freely of the resources God has given them to show others how deeply God cares for them right now.  The impact has been....well, you will see in the stories below.
Telling the Story of Transformation
God has worked powerfully through you and our many partners to reach those who feel hopeless or are outcasts.  God has used many things to make this possible, but we have found there is great power in simplicity.  Yet, it can be a challenge to describe all that God is doing through Sustainable Med given the unique nature of the ministry and depth of the work.  But, our great team of Ben Beshear, Kathy Eten, and Selin Waltz did an amazing job of briefly but powerfully telling this story.

Giving up the world at 23
Edes (left) and Emmanuel (right)
"If you get baptized, you had better pack your bags because you can no longer live here".  This was the command given by his family to 23 year old, Edes, as he left for the lake.  He had no job and taking this step would remove Edes from the most important support for an individual in Rwanda...his family.  Yet, Edes wanted to dedicate his life to Christ on a public beach near Lake Kivu.  When so many young men and women are running from the church, what made him give up everything and run to Christ?  

The answer was easy for Edes.  He had observed the joy and life experienced by so many in one of the local churches in Rwanda that partners with Sustainable Med.  He had observed how deeply people are loved and the generosity of this body of Christ followers who actively cared for their community.  It cost him everything in this world, but he wanted what he had seen there.  And, he wanted to share this joy with the whole world.  Thankfully, the local church continued their generosity by provdiing Edes with food and shelter for as long as he needs it.  Also, God provided a new, Christian audio and video studio that was looking for someone with his talents.  

Edes is one of the thousands of people who are being drawn to Christ through Sustainable Med's partners who are sharing the full Gospel...that Christ has not only saved them from their sin for eternity, but He loves and cares for them today.  
Impacting one to change thousands...
There are far more stories to tell from Congo, India, Kenya, Nepal, Rwanda, Ukraine, and Uganda than this space or people's time and attention will allow.  But, here are just a few of the amazing things happening as the result of your generosity.
Dr. Anitah                                                                Dr. Esther
Sustainable Med believes deeply in investing in the lives of the leaders God has placed in different nations throughout the world.  Two young stars are Dr. Anitah (Kenya) and Dr. Esther (Tanzania).  Both have received grants from Sustainable Med to further their career.  Dr. Esther has just finished her training in Pediatrics and Dr. Anitah is now in her third year of residency (and is the top student in her class).  Dr. Esther completed a 12 week course in Tropical Medicine, and Dr. Anitah is looking to help implement a project to bring b-CPAP to Kenya to help preterm babies breathe due to their underdeveloped lungs.  She is also going to take the 12 week Tropical Medicine course. 

Dr. Anitah wished to share this, "special thanks are extending to the SMM family for sponsoring me and my career because it surely has not been easy on our end and for that I am truly grateful."
...and impacting thousands to change one
The churches, clinics and hospitals that partner with Sustainable Med have made a tremendous impact in their communities.  However, how do you reach those that avoid these kinds of locations?  Emmanuel and his team near Gisenyi, Rwanda created a football (or soccer for those in the US) tournament as a vehicle to share both the Gospel and knowledge about Neglected Tropical Diseases.  Over a thousand attended each match and over 3,000 attended the finals.  The majority of those in attendance had never heard about Jesus or these diseases in their life.  Countless lives were impacted, and the top local team even visited Emmanuel's church prior to the finals where they enthusiastically joined in the praise and worship.
Conferences 2016
Ukraine conference
Kharkiv, Ukraine May 6-7
(Advanced Conference)
We could not have been more impressed with this group of 50 medical students from 13 different countries.  Their response and enthusiasm was infectious.  Many are already implementing plans to bring health and hope in their communities.  Emmanuel, our African Director, was also able to join the conference, and the students loved hearing the firsthand accounts of what is happening with Sustainable Med as well as talking in their native languages.  They also put together a short video to let you experience this as well.   
Ukraine conference video
Kolkata, India June 2-4
(Initial Conference)
While the 24 leaders from India, Nepal and Bangladesh were some of the top pastors, doctors, and administrators over entire hospital systems, the most impressive part about this group was their passion for Jesus and their commitment to help their people.  This was the first time they heard any of our material. Yet, they all had not only mastered the use of the material by the third day, but they were also adapting it to new problems and situations.  India is primed to grow in ways we could never have imagined.
India conference 2016
Delhi, India June 8
(Initial Conference)
Condensing a three day course into one day was a challenge, but the intimate setting with 16 of the top faith and medical leaders allowed for a personal touch and deeper conversations that created strong bonds.  This group was also filled with very quick learners.  

A special thanks to Pastor Biswa who coordinated both India conferences with incredible skill and excellence.  He is an exceptional leader with great networking abilities.  
Jinja conference
Jinja, Uganda July 16
(Initial Conference)
Pastor Robert, who participated in our Rwanda conference last year, was so excited about the material that 70 medical and faith leaders showed up.  We just could not turn anyone away, and the school had more than enough room.  New locations and connections are always exciting, but what made this conference so special and unique was the presence of our key Ugandan and Kenyan leaders, like Dr. Mwatha (above).  All 10 leaders in attendance actively participated in the training.  They shared their experiences and successes with those learning this all for the first time.  It was powerful for the new attendees to see others just like them having such great success with the material and resources provided by Sustainable Med. 
Rwanda 2016
Gisenyi, Rwanda July 22-23
(Advanced Conference)
The greatest number of Sustainable Med superstars are in Rwanda, which is certainly aided by the presence of our African Director, Emmanuel.  So, we were encouraged but not surprised by the stories of impact and successes shared by the 45 medical and faith leaders who attended.   They were extremely enthusiastic about these sessions as well as financial training presented by Kathy Levit; yet, one of the most influential parts of the event is the time of fellowship and networking.  It is such a blessing to hear about their challenges, hopes and families.  These leaders also network among themselves to establish critical relationships needed for the success of the plans and ministry in their communities.  
Tying Cincinnati, Ohio to Rugerero, Rwanda 
CHCA and Rwanda
Skype call                                                          New shoes. No parasites

In May of 2016, the 1st grade students at CHCA did something they (nor anyone else) had ever done before.  Their class made a Skype call to a school in Rugerero, Rwanda.  They were able to meet and talk with the kids at this school.  They asked each other about their favorite foods, things they liked to do, and what school was like.   The CHCA kids also were able to see their shoes that they had donated on the actual feet of the students there.  They had given these earlier that year in order to help the kids prevent parasites, like Jiggers or Hookworm, from attacking their feet.  The students in Rwanda had a surprise for them as well.  They had all made pictures and sent some small baskets for the kids at CHCA to take home.  This was a start to a beautiful friendship.  Both schools have already made plans to continue this relationship this school year.  
Centers of Excellence
We are always seeking input and insight from our partners to improve our ministry and strategies.  One of the biggest measures of success for us is the number of times the training and leaders are being replicated.  We want this to be shared.  So, we worked with our key leaders to introduce a new resource for Sustainable Med....The Centers of Excellence.  These are sites that demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and understanding regarding the mission, values and principles of Sustainable Med.  These sites serve as a training and mentoring center for their region and beyond to help better equip others to bring health and hope through the love of Christ.  They seek to reproduce the vision and training they have received to others in a way that is relevant and practical as they use their experiences to illuminate the path for those they are mentoring.
Save the Date: November 1, 2016 from 6:30-8:30 PM
We will be hosting our 3rd annual fundraising event at STIR in downtown Montgomery (Cincinnati, OH).  You will have a chance to interact with not only our African Director, Emmanuel Ndolimana, but he will also be joined by Pastor Biswa Rai (India) and Congolese health leader, Zawadi Nikuze.  
You will not want to miss this.  While we are blessed to use this amazing space again, this event will be different and even more powerful and encouraging than last year.  I cannot promise you will not cry, but these will be tears of joy and not sorrow.   
Join in the Story
This story begins with you.  There is nothing we have done or will do without the support, love and prayers of those who want to invest in the global community of God's Kingdom.  You have made and will continue to make a permanent mark on history.

(2016 Budget - $299,000)
What else can I do to get involved?
Whether you have limited abilities to give financially or if you have given and are looking for other ways to connect deeper with this ministry, God can use you in powerful ways!
  • Pray - prayer always changes things.  Join our prayer team.
  • Volunteer - social media, administrative, curriculum development, and more for as little as a couple of hours.
  • Network - Emmanuel needs an entire ecosystem of resources as he begins his role.  Key areas include: water/sanitation, power, construction, agriculture, grant writing, and medicine
  • Mentor - dozens of medical students in Ukraine as well as currently practicing medical professionals in Africa and Nepal are looking for mentors to guide them in their development.  Size of the group and time is based around your preferences.  Sign up
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