Dear All,

Approx. 1 year ago, after a Democrat meeting (I think it was Progressive Democrats of America, PDA, but not 100% sure) but many Democrat politicians were at this well attended meeting at a private home in Santa Monica.  After the meeting, a small group of people chased after Cong. Ted Lieu as he tried to get into his car.  Incredibly, all of them were approaching him about the same thing...they all had cell towers/antennas in front of or near their homes which was making it impossible for them to live normally and survive in their own homes.  They wanted him to help.  I also personally gave Ted a flyer packed with credible information and spoke with him about the issue.  He promised each of us that he would help and then quickly got into his car and drove off.

Approx. 5 months later, after virtual teeth pulling and many ignored phone calls and emails, our community managed to get a meeting with his staff.  There were 4 of us all speaking about the same thing.  We were afraid of 5G, had already experienced serious health effects from 3 and 4G and just wanted him to help us stop this simultaneous land grab and health deteriorant by the wireless industry.  His staff promised us they would give our information to Ted, but also told us they were not going to do anything to help us and that it was out of their control, despite the fact that what allowed the cell antennas on or near property in the first place was a bill past by Congress called the Telecom Act.  To be crystal clear, Cong. Lieu could have helped us if he wanted to, but he didn't and I never quite understood why until I looked up who funds him and there was my answer.  Helping us would be a direct conflict of interest to the industry that padded his coffers with a whopping $507,000!  OF COURSE he wasn't going to help us!!  Not with donations like that coming in from his pals at the wireless industry.

2 weeks ago, incumbent Cong. Ted Lieu spoke at the library in Topanga, organized by PDA sub group, Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains.  At this meeting, Dorothy Reik saw Cong. Lieu was purposely not calling on me and that I was determined to have my issue addressed.  So she herself asked him to address health effects from 5G.  Cong. Lieu then went into a 5 minute tirade on the dangers of hacking.  Afterwards when Dorothy saw that was not going to suffice, she asked him again to address the issue of HEALTH EFFECTS from 5G, not hacking from 5G.  Cong. Lieu then told the entire room a bold faced lie.  He said "he knew nothing about health effects from 5G, but to send his staff info on it and he would be sure to look into it."
Well since we had already "been there and done that" I called him out on it.  I didn't wait for him to call on me which would never have happened, I simply raised my voice in order to be heard and told him we had already done that, that he knew damn well about health effects and 5G because I personally gave him info and spoke with him about it and our community met with his staff and they assured me on follow up that Ted was given all the info we left with them and he had been made aware of everything.  So clearly Ted Lieu was now leading us on a wild goose chase asking us to go through what we had just spent the past year going through with him and his office to no avail.

To add insult to injury, the Topanga Mountain Messenger then purposely omits the most important part of the meeting that day, the fact that Cong. Ted Lieu told a bold faced lie to his constituents about his knowledge of 5G and that constituents in the room called him out on it.  This issue is so great in this community that multiple groups have been formed, monthly meetings held and multiple lawsuits have been filed, all from within the community of Topanga, yet the Topanga Mountain Messenger refused to put this vital info on Ted Lieu, in their coverage of the event.  That is what I would call extremely biased reporting and also why I no longer deal with the Messenger, as I experienced similar issues with this local paper back when we as a community were trying to block a cell tower that was going in at the fire station (we had already blocked a major tower that was set to go in at the post office) and the Messenger lied to me, told me they advertised our fund raiser in the paper, when clearly they had not. The Messenger had also once asked me to write n article on the tower and then never published it.  They also left our non profit off their invited list of non profits for the Topanga celebration of non profits who had contributed to the community (we had blocked 2 major cell towers and achieved the highest opt out rate, per unofficial records of Edison employees in their territory).  Yet with all these major accomplishments working for free on behalf of the community, our non profit was not invited for the celebration of non profits who contributed to the well being of Topanga.  When I asked why we weren't invited, the editor simply told me " we had politicized the issue of cell towers" which is nonsensical on its face since cell towers are ONLY IMPLEMENTED BY POLITICIANS, both local and federal and the choice to have them or not is absolutely a political issue as are all the laws written about this issue.  Those fights to stop those towers were hard fought,  but we eventually prevailed.  They also used the excuse our org was too political, yet invited PDSMM which is actually a political group.  It is for these reasons that I sadly no longer consider the Topanga Mountain Messenger a credible reporting outlet, but one that merely tows the industry/government line for the community and won't dare report of anything that might go against the status quo, even if it is a matter of life and death such as our own Congressman, lying to our faces about his knowledge of health effects from 5G and wireless radiation.

I also ask, is this really the stance of a "Progressive Democrat club"?  Does being a "progressive candidate" mean being personally shown evidence of cancer of a toxic infrastructure and then lying to your constituents about your knowledge of this being a known carcinogen, neurotoxin and genotoxin?  Apparently this is not a problem for PDSMM.  I feel it irresponsible to accept this kind of behavior from someone in such a powerful position as Congress and that is why I am now running to replace "lying Lieu" as I now refer to him. 

In closing I can assure you this, that I will NEVER lie to you about anything (even if I don't agree) or send you on an endless wild goose chase of reaching out to my office to no avail due to my conflict of interest, let alone ignore something so important as the life and death issue of 5G.  I cannot be bought off and paid hush money from ANY industry that is threatening the health, well being and Constitutional rights of myself and my constituents and I will fight for you on these issues like my life depends on it because it does.
The response to my campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, once people are made aware of what my platform is about.  However I am not funded with "unjust enrichment money" from toxic industries like incumbent Ted Lieu is and don't have the "Democrat machine" behind me as he does. 

Although I aim to win, even if that doesn't happen, voting for me is a vote to stop 5G and all the other issues my campaign speaks of.  If the incumbent gets in but I at least have votes, he will see these are issues the community does care about and he might possibly re-consider his hands off stance, although I'm not holding my breath. 

Please vote for Liz Barris this March 3rd and please pass the link on of my website to those you think might want to stop 5G, geoengineering, forced vaccinations and expose other heavily covered up issues that Congress and the mainstream news media refuse to acknowledge even exist.

Thank you and sincerely