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March 2015 
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250,000 pph Boilers
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Indeck Buildings


  manufactures, sells, leases or rents watertube packaged boilers, high temperature hot water generators (HTWGs), firetube boilers, specialty boilers and rental equipment. Stock boiler sizes range to over 250,000 pph of steam. Indeck delivers power solutions worldwide!   Our emergency boiler response team is available 365 days a week with the largest fleet of rental boilers.  




Indeck Keystone Company LLC is located in Erie, Pennsylvania anddesigns and engineers larger modular packaged boilers rated up to 1,000,000 PPH and 1,800psig. In addition, Indeck Keystone is also the technology center for package boiler, HRSG, waste heat boiler and stoker fired solid fuel boiler designs. 



Quebec-based, Indeck Boiler Co.

 is the sister company of of Indeck Power Equipment Company and manufactures the Indeck boilers.



Indeck Energy  is based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and includes a portfolio of power generation projects consisting of 3,000 MW internationally and ethanol and biodiesel facilities representing 755 million gallons per year production. Indeck Energy also includes the development of   Indeck Ladysmith, LLC a wood pellet production facility now in commercial operation.



Indeck Keystone Celebrates 175 Years!

Thank You for Your Support! 

This year marks a special year for Indeck Keystone Energy.  We are celebrating 175 years of continuously providing engineered steam solutions to various industries.  Our roots started in 1840 initially as Presque Isle Foundry in Erie, Pa.  The name was later changed to Erie City Iron Works which pioneered the steam industry making steam engines.   In the late 1960's Zurn Industries purchased the company and renamed it Zurn Energy Division.  This was followed by acquisitions in 1997 by Aalborg Industries, and in 2002 by Erie Power Technologies who renamed our company to Keystone Energy Inc.  In 2004, Keystone Energy Inc. was acquired by the Indeck Group of Companies.   


It's been ten years since Indeck had the forethought to purchase Keystone Energy and expand and integrate our respective technology product bases.  Our new team has created innovative and customized large modular boilers, large fully assembled boilers, and heat recovery steam generator designs that have proved to be cost effective solutions for our customers, especially for sites with high field labor rates.


We would like to thank all our customers who supported Indeck to achieve this momentous occasion.  


Here is to another 175 years!  




Chris Petcos

Chief Operating Officer

Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC.

Boiler Rental Update...  
New 75,000pph Superheat & Saturated Boilers  

Indeck has the Solution to meet emissions
I-SCRs with ultra low NOx. 
are available for rent too!

Need  a boiler for shutdown or turnaround?  
Contact Indeck's Rental Department at  800-446-3325   
For RFQs please contact Russ Rabago at [email protected]

Get ready for emergencies and temporary shut downs!
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Indeck Has Stock Boilers Ready to Ship 

With the Boiler MACT deadline coming in January 2016, Indeck has boilers to help you meet the new emission limits.  Indeck has a large inventory of stock boilers for fast ship.

For a list of available boilers or to 
request a proposal contact  Gary Blazek
 [email protected] or  toll free phone 1-800-322-5995, direct phone number a t
 814-464- 1203. 
Industrial Plants Count on Indeck

Waste Heat Boilers - IKE Saved Clients Time & Money
Indeck Keystone Energy has had several recent purchases orders for older waste heat boilers being replaced in kind with new modern but very similar waste heat boilers. These clients have been sulfuric acid processing plants, FCC refinery applications, and general industry waste heat needs. 

This strategy saves the plant down time since the new design can be installed with minimal plant infrastructure changes. In general, the new boiler module fits in the old space with minimum piping, steel, and walkway adjustments. Because of this reduced site work, the overall project costs are lower thus saving the client capital equipment costs and installation labor costs. Since these waste heat boilers have operated successfully for decades, the client is usually able to suggest small changes to the design for operational / maintenance improvements.  Indeck is willing and able to make these changes for a new and better waste heat boiler. Requests for proposals should be sent to Gary Blazek at [email protected] or call toll free 1-800-322-5995 or direct at 814-464-1203.

Fast Delivery Saves the Day at Paper Mill


Indeck Power continues to support customers in the paper based consumer products industry.  A well-known paper based company located in Tennessee was looking for a used boiler for fast delivery and lower capital equipment costs.  Indeck Power was able to offer a few options from our stock inventory. Due to Indeck Power offering several solutions, the client was able to come to our Wheeling, IL warehouse and inspect the stock boilers. The customer elected to purchase a boiler from Indeck Power based on fast delivery, our in stock availability, and low price for this used boiler. The boiler was delivered to the client shortly thereafter.  This is another example of Indeck Power's stock boiler program shipping boilers fast to help our clients meet their every changing needs.   Please send any request for proposals to Gary Blazek at [email protected], toll free phone 1-800-322-5995, direct phone number at 814-464-1203. 


Auto Manufacturer Orders HTHW LaMont


Lamont Indeck Power Equipment Company continues to support customers in the automotive industry.  A well-known automobile manufacturer in the South East USA was looking for a High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Generator to produce hot water for their manufacturing processes. Their existing hot-water boilers were failing and had become unreliable. Indeck provided the client with a proper design for HTHW applications and was able to secure an award. The HTHW Generator is currently being manufactured at the Indeck Boiler Company facility, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.  Please send any request for hot water generators to Mr. David Smith at [email protected] or toll free phone 1-800-446-3325.   Additionally, the same automotive manufacturer is renting two 750 HP hot water boilers!     

Indeck is Your OEM Parts Provider

Aftermarket Engineered Components

Indeck Keystone Energy recently received an aftermarket engineered components purchase order for the supply of replacement pressure part components on  two 1980s vintage refused fired boiler systems. Indeck has been supplying this Owner for decades with parts and services and recently worked with the Owner to determine the scope of this project.  As these boilers are being rebuilt to stay "grandfathered" within their current emission permit limits, this rebuilding strategy helps the owner avoid any changes to these limits which may have dictated new expensive air pollution control equipment.  Also, the existing plant infrastructure can be re-used thus lower installation and overall project costs.  The scope of Indeck's supply includes; upper steam drums with steam purifiers, lower mud drums, evaporator tubes with grid support system, evaporator rear waterwall panel, fourth pass rear waterwall panels, fourth pass roof waterwall panels, and boiler flue gas seals for these components.  Indeck will ship the parts in 8 to 9 months with field installation by the Owner.  The Owner will use approximately 3 months to install the new parts.  Thus in one year the boiler will be rebuilt and ready for operation. The boiler components were replaced in kind with some changes to help aide the installation efforts.  Also, one technical enhancement was added which is an evaporator grid support system which will help to hold the new evaporator tubes in alignment during operation. The original steam flow, pressure and temperature were not affected by the supply these components. Phil Meehan, Manager of Aftermarket Engineered Components, at [email protected], toll free phone 1-800-322-5995, direct phone number at 814-464-1202 handles engineered component RFPs.


Aftermarket Parts

travagrate Indeck Keystone Energy maintains engineering drawings and reports which date back to 1840.  Our records are used on a regular basis to provide parts for boilers built in the 1950's and older. These documents are the design basis of  over $1 million in spare parts inventory located in Erie, PA.  Indeck boiler OEM parts are manufactured to our original design details.  We have the ability to upgrade the parts based on customer feedback and up to date design enhancements.  Our replacement parts inventory warehouse is a climate controlled building.  This location has a precision machine shop for customizing parts for the specific applications in a timely manner.  We have indoor storage for  staging of many parts so we can provide "just in time " delivery to our clients for their boiler outage.  Since power houses typically do not have large open spaces for storage,  the client does not need to store parts outside.  Indeck offers 24 hours per day emergency service for these parts with same day shipments.Please send parts request for proposals to Janet Fuller, Manager of Aftermarket Parts, at [email protected] , toll free phone 1-800-322-5995, direct phone number at 814-464-1204.