By Whit Brisky
Two hundred and forty-one years ago today the Second Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were “and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States . . .” In doing so it not only gave birth to a new nation but also, in the same document, the Declaration of Independence gave voice to the uniquely American understanding of liberty and human rights which the nation has upheld since that time.
By John W. Mauck
Written by Mauck & Baker's very own, John Mauck discusses the legal aspects of Jesus’ ministry, which have long been obscured or misunderstood, particularly His interactions with and attitude toward the law and lawyers. Jesus’ desire in His day and ours is to use the law to secure the rights of people to hear the gospel and to set humanity free. In other words, to be the best citizens we can be, we need to follow in the footsteps of the greatest citizen who ever lived.
By Noel W. Sterett
Far too many Americans go their entire lives without bothering to even read the country’s founding documents or haven’t read them since grade school.Thankfully, David Shestokas, a Chicago attorney and scholar, saw this problem and decided to do something about it. Mr. Shestokas was on our radio show this weekend. The podcast will be available online this week!
By Noel Sterett and Whit Brisky
In its own words, the Department “will not tolerate exposing LGBTQ children and youth to staff/service providers who are not supportive of children and youths’ right to self-determination of sexual/gender identity.”   
Noel Sterett Honored with Silver Service Award

On June 15, 2017, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) awarded Noel Sterett with a Silver Service Award in Washington, D.C. Noel has litigated in federal and state courts on behalf of a variety of clients, from churches and ministries with land use issues to preachers and school teachers whose religious liberties have been threatened. Noel’s successes include defending the rights of religious institutions to keep their house of worship open each week, acquire new land, acquire and occupy new land; redressing religious land use (RLUIPA) discrimination as result of tax considerations, land use, and zoning issues. Congratulations, Noel! 

Pregnancy Center Leaders Responding Boldly to Legal Issues
Trudy Bodenbach from Vision 2020 discusses the legal issues pregnancy centers are facing and how their bold leaders are choosing to respond. Vision 2020 is a strategy connecting life-affirming organizations and churches throughout Illinois working to end abortion in Illinois by the year 2020.
Reverend Bob Vanden Bosch
Reverend Bob Vanden Bosch is the founder of Concerned Christian Ministries. He is a lobbyist in Springfield, Illinois, and gives voice to family values in current policy. Listen to his interview where he shares about his work, current legislation, and ways you can become involved.  Concerned Christian Ministries strives to support the ministry of the local church, since it is God’s testimony and means of reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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