Independence Day 

America and Nation
Just a few hours ago, nine puppies and two mothers were saved by two volunteers.  Hannah Carley spotted puppies for sale on Facebook that were less than 4 weeks of age.  She knew that if these puppies weren't taken in by a rescue their chance of survival was slim.  This is their story........

We drove to a very rural area, no cell phone service or anything.  The first dog we saw was a black and white hound mix with ribs and hips showing. Then we saw a white collie mix with longer hair in the same condition.  Four of the puppies were brought to us in a box from the house, three others were living under a shed surrounded by mud, broken glass and debris.  We then found two more under the hood of a car that was laying on the ground.  The owners weren't sure how many more  there were but
thought there  might be four more.  Hannah and I loaded up the two moms and nine puppies and went in search of the missing four.  We crawled under their house, searched the surrounding wooded area, we covered every inch of their property but sadly we couldn't find the missing puppies.  We got back in the car and began the drive back.  I swear, when I looked in  the back seat both those momma dogs had smiles on their faces.

Hannah and Kylie     

Upon arrival at the Humane Society building volunteers were waiting with open arms to begin the intake process.  It took over an hour, stated Cindy Robinson, just to remove all the ticks from the mothers.  Both mothers had ceased to produce milk due to extreme malnourishment, thankfully most of the puppies were able to eat a bit on their own. 

Through many tears, the moms and their babies were cleaned and fed and are now in foster homes receiving the care they need to survive. These precious lives are safe and will never, never see this type of life again.

It may not have been independence day officially but it definitely was Independence day for America and Nation.

Thank you,
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