Learn about Independence Day!
"Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance."
~ Woodrow Wilson
Here at EES, we are proud hire the best individuals in the industry. We value each and every one of our employees and understand that they are the face of our business! We would like to shine a special spotlight this month on Eric Henson. He is the type of employee that our customers rave about! He began working in the fire alarm industry 15 years ago and has diligently worked with EES for six years as a service technician. He has an impeccable amount of knowledge on starting and finishing projects of various kinds. He is a cross-referenced certified technician who can install, service, and maintain nurse call, fire alarm, and security systems. Just a few weeks ago, the  VA Hospital in Fayetteville  called to compliment Eric on his work efficiency and excellent troubleshooting skills. They said that Eric is "one of the best technicians that [they have] ever worked with."  Eric has been sufficiently trained on multiple EES panel types and nurse call systems and is responsible, along with the other service crew members, for making small and large repairs of various low voltage systems. Eric is EST and NICET Level 3 certified. Away from work, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife, Dawn and their dog, Harley. Eric grew up in Randolph County and still resides there with his family. We are so thankful to have employees like Eric Henson and appreciate the opportunity to share this employee spotlight of the month with you!

A spectacular highland setting makes this celebration of Scottish culture the best highland games in America! July 7th-10th.
 July is here, and you can celebrate your independence with these July weekend home improvement to-do projects.

As many of us celebrated Independence Day with our friends and family this past weekend, let us not forget about the freedoms we have as Americans every day of the year. While the threat of terrorism increases and we have experienced tragedy in the U.S., we can feel confident knowing we are being protected and kept safe by many around the world. EES also wants you to feel safe and secure knowing your place of business, work environment, and/or public places are protected with CCTV, fire alarm systems, security systems, card access and more. Here in America, we have access to so much technology and use it in so many areas of our lives. EES is persistent on staying up-to-date with the latest technology so fellow Americans continue to live day-to-day in a safe and secure environment. We can't celebrate Independence Day in America without reflecting on the great freedoms that we enjoy here! While EES works diligently to increase safety, security, and peace of mind in our community, may we never forget those who made and are making the ultimate sacrifice so we can live the lives we do today! 


Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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