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So there’s been a boatload of press re: inflation. You’ve probably already seen some evidence of it at the gas pump and/or grocery store. Well, inflation (or at least what we’re “labeling” the price increases) is an equal opportunity irritant. Here’s the latest from some of our vendors:

“Refrigerant pricing has gone up due to the demands in the current market”.
R-22 is now $230.00 a lb
R-407C is now $125.00 a lb
R-410A is now $98.00 a lb

IF it’s not escalating in price (yet), it’s scarce! We wrote previously about shingles for roofing now we’re seeing it with paint. One of our vendors had to source 8 different providers/locations to find the paint he needed to execute/complete an interior paint job.

Shipping woes—that’s the root of a lot of this. See video below, link #1 (long but good) and supporting articles.....


Has there ever been a better time to go "all in" on a holiday weekend? At least here in Florida we have Freedom Week starting today.....
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Wishing everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!

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