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On the October 12 conference call, Jackie Salit urged participants to "Write to President Obama":

"What do independents have to say to Obama? That's a good question, because there are many things to say. For one thing, we might want to say to him -- We are here! But he knows that.

We might want to say to him, President Obama, We mean you no harm but we will press ahead to build our movement and pursue the structural reforms that will create more uncertainity for your party and for the Republican Party and you may not like that. And/or we might want to let him know that many Americans have come to believe that reform of any kind -- education reform, Wall Street reform, energy reform, immigration reform -- is not possible without political reform and that is what we, the independents are doing.

Let Obama know that there is a movement growing from the bottom up that does not equate a bi-partisanship with non-partisanship, and that we want independents to be included in the process at every level and at every step along the way. We are Americans concerned not with party control, but with the development of our country,"

With election "fever" at full throttle, it's an important moment for independents to wage our midterm campaign. Before you vote on Tuesday, send a letter to the President! The letters written so far (see below for some excerpts) are diverse, innovative and reflective of the powerful statement that we in the independent movement are making about the need to change the political culture. Let's write 50 more letters by Tuesday.

Here is where you send your letter.

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20500

Email the president at:

Fax: 202-456-2461

Please send us a copy of your letter to or fax to: 212-609-2801.


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Your Letters to President Obama

Pen with hand Dear President Obama........

I am an independent voter and while I did not vote for you in the last election, you have my support now as my President. ...However, I detest the partisan politics that are dragging down your administration. M'Lissa Peters, Louisiana

I think you are doing an "ok" job but I am disappointed that the two political parties cannot get beyond bickering, while our nation needs non-partisan solutions and direction. ... We need solutions that are only available outside the political quagmire that grips our Nation. John Giancola, Missouri

I REALLY don't care if the Democrats succeed. I REALLY don't care if the Republicans succeed. I only REALLY care that the United States of America succeeds. I am PRO-America and ANTI-Political Party. Tammy Lynn Collard, South Carolina

When I say that I am an independent, President Obama, I do not mean that I am a swing voter. ...We desperately need to break the stranglehold that the parties have on the daily lives and deaths of ordinary Americans and of ordinary people around the world. ...We want non-partisan structural reform. Diane Dickson, Georgia

I've always voted independent and you are the only person I have ever voted for on the Democrat Party line. ...What we independents want is fairness, equal access to all rounds of voting, such as the top-two system just ratified in California. And we want our election system to be governed by more impartial bodies, such as having equal representation on Federal Election Commission and on the local Board of Elections. Bob Conroy, New York

I am an independent voter...We believe that the well-being of our nation depends on unity rather than divisiveness, and doing away with partisan politics and ideologies will help make that unity possible. Catana Barnes, Nevada

Independent voters may soon be half of the voting public (now over a third), yet we continue to fight for our voting rights. This is because the democratic and republican parties fear losing power. They have already lost it by demonstrating repeatedly that they care most about their own agendas rather than America. How terribly disappointing. Al Bell, Arizona

The American people need you to provide leadership in restructuring our political process so that new participants and new coalitions can emerge. Our country, and the world, needs to break open the frozen (partisan) storm we are stuck in....Please make moves to partner with independents. Carrie Sackett, New York

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