Imagine for a moment that your child was killed by a mob…but police blamed you for his death?
This is what one Indian pastor is presently dealing with. He is accused of using "sorcery" to cause of the death of 16 villagers, which police say led to his son’s death at the hands of a vengeful village mob.
Blaming Indian Christians for their own persecution is not a new strategy for the police. Twelve years ago, Swami Laxmanananda (a Hindu priest) was murdered by a radical Communist group, but Hindus in the Odisha state chose to blame Christians. 

As a result, over 300 churches were destroyed, 100 Christians were killed and nearly 6,000 homes were destroyed.
Click on the link to learn more about this boy and his father and how you can join together with Voice of the Martyrs Korea to support families of martyrs in India and around the world.
Warmly in Christ,
Pastor & Dr. Foley

With your donations, we raised over $14,000 for North Korean sex-trafficked women during the time of the Coronavirus. We were able to provide masks, food, medicine and audio Bible players to these women and their children.

We just received the news that Chinese prisoner Pastor John Cao was able to talk to his mother via video link. He told her that he prays for his brothers and sisters in Christ around the world every day. He told his mother that he doesn’t have to do “hard-labor,” and that he is able to read and interact with the other inmates.

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Pray for Pastor Foley and the ongoing balloon investigation. Please pray for the continued wisdom of God for Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley, and for the continued faithfulness of VOMK staff. 
Pray for all the technology that we are currently researching and testing. All around the world, engineers are researching the best technology, not only for balloon launching, but also for other creative ways to get the Bible into North Korea. Pray that the Lord would give these engineers wisdom and favorable test results.