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and Aged Himalayan Basmati Rice

We are BEYOND excited to announce two new Kitchari Blends, as well as Aged Basmati Rice available for Pre-Order, all due to start shipping next week! We have been anxiously wringing our hands and waiting for these to get to this side of the world for what seems like ages. (Luckily for us, Aged Rice only gets better with time! Ha!) 

But seriously, we have been super eager to get these products in your hands, as they are our top waitlisted products.  

What's arriving:

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What would a summer cookout be without watermelons? Usually, you're spitting those seeds out or even buying seedless watermelons to avoid the hassle.

But did you know that in India we actually enjoy eating husked watermelon seeds! They are called magajtari and are great baked in bread, garnished on soups, when making gajar halwa, suji halwa, curry gravies, or thandai.

Available for Pre-Order, Shipping in 7-10 days. 

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Cool off this summer with our Alphonso Mango Puree!

Some easy recipe ideas:

  • Blend it into a smoothie.
  • Mix with juice and freeze into a popsicle.
  • Blend with yogurt for a refreshing mango lassi.
  • Use in a sorbet or mango ice-cream.
  • Add to a vinaigrette.

Like these ideas? Check out our full recipes on our blog!

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Tangy Tamarind Summer Recipes

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tamarind-ginger-cocktail image

Tamarind Lime Mocktail

Juice 4 limes into a cup, add 3 Tbsp jaggery or sugar and 1/2 tsp tamarind paste. Peel raw ginger, then grate or crush it into the cup for it's juice. Pouring through a strainer, divide the mixture into two glasses over ice. Top with ginger beer and serve with more lime and mint.

tamarind-asian-salad image

Tamarind Salad Dressing

Whisk together 1/2 cup plain yogurt, juice of a fresh lime, 1 Tbsp Tamarind Paste, 4 Tbsp honey, 3 Tbsp Sesame Oil, 1 Tbsp fresh ginger minced, 2 tsp toasted cumin seeds, salt and black pepper to taste. Pour over chopped cabbage, cucumber, moong bean sprouts, carrots, and scallions. Garnish with sesame seeds.

Tamarind Margarita-low.gif
jal-jeera-800px image

Iced Jal-Jeera

  1. Add all the ingredients to blender and blend it well.
  2. Add this thin paste to 3 cups of water.
  3. Add ice cubes, garnish with a few mint leaves and serve.

Our large size of Ceylon Cinnamon is back in stock!