Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 10/19/2014
October Meeting: Tuesday, October 21st


Our monthly meeting will take place after the Worcester Police Department's Neighborhood Watch on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014. The police meeting begins at 5:30pm and typically lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Anyone who wishes to stay for the ILWA meeting after is always welcome.


Location is Ford's Hometown Services, 549 Grove Street in Worcester. Please enter on the left side of the building and proceed to the second floor conference room.  


Watershed Survey


Many thanks to all the volunteers who participated in yesterday's survey. It was quite an undertaking to pull off in such a short window but in the end, we had a good size group and tackled a large area. In addition to all who came yesterday, special thanks to our WPI students Aaron Davis and Dylan Shields; Councilor Economou for help with the mailing; Bancroft School for providing the facilities; Michele Sloan for donating the water; Meg Mulhern for donating copies and providing special transportation services; Amanda Wilson for providing support from the City of Worcester Inspection Services and Morgan and Delaney Proko for giving up part of their Columbus Day weekend to prepare the mailing, participating in the survey and giving up their mom time unselfishly for the sake of good things in the community.


Aaron and Dylan will also be working with a science teacher at Bancroft along with students to cover some additional areas while learning about watersheds.


Then they will work on preparing a final report of our findings.




The City of Worcester will be opening the gates the week of October 20th (that's this week) for the winter drawdown. Please plan accordingly.


Hapgood Brooks Ceremony


The plaque was installed at the Hapgood Brooks Memorial on Friday. We are trying to keep it covered until the 'official' unveiling but it's not an easy task with wind and rain!! The plaque came out amazing! We are putting the finishing touches on the history report and expect to set a date for a ceremony very quickly. A press release will be issued and we would love to see as much support as possible for our student who helped with this and Herb Adams whose efforts to maintain the memorial for over 40 years are acknowledged on it.


The memorial needs mowing, trimming and weeding before this event can happen for those of you who would like to help. Also helpful would be copying/ binding reports to be handed out and refreshments the day of the event.

Membership Drive


Thank you to Irving Cormier and Marianne Pomeroy for their extraordinary efforts in putting together a membership drive mailing. These dedicated volunteers have sent thousands of member requests over the last month and new memberships are coming in at a steady pace.


Thank you so much!!

Fall is the time for..... LEAVES!


As many of you know, there are a handful of us that have been working to fill the giant shoes of Herb Adams on a weekly basis now that he is working a little closer to home rather than in the public spaces he has taken care of for so long. For those who didn't notice in Herb's day, there was rarely a leaf to touch the ground at Morgan Park, Hapgood Brooks Memorial or Frostholm Memorial for more than a minute before our friend would scoop it up. While it's quite impossible for us to keep up at this level, by this afternoon, I hope to begin making the first dent at Morgan and Hapgood. If anyone would like to help with this at any time, we have plenty of rakes and two backpack blowers. There is also quite a bit of trash to be picked up and trimming to be done at Morgan Park. Great community service projects! Email if you would like to help but need tools. Otherwise, join in as your time permits.


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