Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 10/25/2014
SPM Student Eric Benoit and Herb Adams
Hapgood Brooks Ceremony 11/3/2014


The Indian Lake Watershed Association Inc. (ILWA) announces the unveiling of a historical plaque at the Hapgood-Brooks Memorial on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1st at 9:30am.


The Hapgood-Brooks Memorial, also known as the North Worcester Honor Roll, was dedicated on May 27, 1945. It is a tribute to members of the armed forces from the North Worcester area who served during World War II. It is located at the intersection of Grove Street (Rt 122A) and Holden Street in Worcester.

Built on land donated by the Brooks' family, it has been maintained by volunteers for nearly 70 years.


Saint Peter Marian senior Eric Benoit accepted the project of documenting the memorial's history at the request of the ILWA. A plaque that will give visitors a snapshot into its history will be unveiled on November 1st during a short ceremony. Copies of the final report will be distributed to attendees.  


Time to swim?!


In what appears to be another step in a crazy series of events, the state test from the week of October 12th indicates we are BELOW the state guideline for cyanobacteria (aka blue green algae). As mentioned previously, we need to be below the state guideline for 2 consecutive tests in order to officially lift the advisory that has kept the lake closed this summer.


Complicating this is that the state appears to have run out of money again. The City is anxious to get that second low reading. Thus they are looking for options to keep running the tests until this goal is met.


Here is the communication from Mass Department of Public Health from last week: 


"A water sample was collected at Shore Park on Indian Lake today by MassDEP. Their analysis showed cyanobacteria levels of 57,000 cells/ml, below the MDPH guideline level of 70,000 cells/ml. The microcystin toxin was not tested for.


According to MDPH guidelines, samples collected a week apart with levels below the guidelines are required before the advisory should be lifted. This result could be considered the first low sample. I am not sure if MassDEP will be able to sample again."  




The City of Worcester opened the gates the week of October 20th (that's last week but it typically takes several weeks before the lake level is all the way down) for the winter drawdown. Please plan accordingly.


Please make note that it was decided at this week's ILWA meeting that we would go back to the 6 foot drawdown for this winter. We have done a 4 foot drawdown the past 3 years due to a request from the fishing community.


In reviewing short term plans for lake health for next season, it was decided that exposing more of the sediment may improve the conditions we experienced this summer.


We will review this again next year as we are clearly sensitive to the fact there are benefits and drawbacks of each.


In the meantime, more short and long term plans are being discussed to improve the lake's health, which we will get information out on shortly for those unable to attend our monthly meetings.


Fall is the time for..... LEAVES!


As many of you know, there are a handful of us that have been working to fill the giant shoes of Herb Adams on a weekly basis now that he is working a little closer to home rather than in the public spaces he has taken care of for so long. For those who didn't notice in Herb's day, there was rarely a leaf to touch the ground at Morgan Park, Hapgood Brooks Memorial or Frostholm Memorial for more than a minute before our friend would scoop it up. While it's quite impossible for us to keep up at this level, if anyone would like to help with this at any time, we have plenty of rakes and two backpack blowers. There is also quite a bit of trash to be picked up and trimming to be done at Morgan Park. Great community service projects! Email if you would like to help but need tools. Otherwise, join in as your time permits.


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