Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 10/7/2015

We Made It!!!
It is with great relief and satisfaction that we celebrate that the lake was open for all uses this summer. Thank you once again to our amazing donors that helped put together $30,000 to cover the cost of treatments this summer. Thank you to Councilor Economou, City Manager Augustus and Amanda Wilson of the City's Inspectional Services Division for your support as well. The city covered the cost of algae testing, one Copper Sulfate treatment and assisted with press releases and notices when the lake was closed for treatment.
Many, many thanks to Aquatic Control Technologies and ESS Group who provided unparalleled guidance as we sought to put together a plan and navigate through it this summer.
We will continue fundraising so that we can begin putting funds in place for next season. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the ILWA so that we can continue doing everything possible to keep the lake open until larger improvement projects can move forrwad. Donations can be mailed to: ILWA, PO Box 60244, Worcester, MA 01606. 
Next Step: Sediment Analysis


A sediment analysis will help identify how much sediment is in Indian Lake, what's in the sediment and whether there are any phosphorus 'hot spots' in which excessive nutrients are being released into the water.


The first two items are critical to put a cost on sediment removal and permitting.


Finding the phosphorus hot spots are important to the shorter term as we may be able to apply a sealant to these areas to reduce the nutrient levels in the lake. The excessive nutrients along with the shallowness in the lake due to sediment buildup are primary contributing factors in the problematic algae growth.


City Manager Augustus has made a commitment to cover the cost of the sediment analysis. We are anxious for this to begin moving forward. We will provide an update as soon as we have one. Feel free to reach out with letters and emails to the manager's office.


Contact State and City Representatives TODAY
Last year's closure has brought a lot of issues affecting Indian Lake to the forefront. We have the attention of our City and State government and we are determined to turn this negative into a positive. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
City and State funding is needed to pay for critical improvements to restore Indian Lake including monies for pre-dredging permitting, removal of nutrient filled sediment from the lake, adding critical storm water controls at Ararat Brook and improving the water movement through the Sears Island Causeway.
We need you to send letters to state and city representatives immediately to remind them of how important Indian Lake is to tax payers.


4th WPI Project is Underway
WPI Weed Survey
We have just met our students for the 4th Independent Qualifying Project with WPI! This year's project is updating the weed survey that was initiated by students several years ago, comparing and contrasting the findings and factors that may have impacted results AND developing a way to track storm drain stenciling online. There are 791 storm drains that lead to Indian Lake. Stenciling them to deter dumping began as an Eagle Scout project by Matt Gates many years ago. Since that time, notes are made in a file when volunteers update stenciling but often times it's hard to pinpoint which areas that may need updating quickly. The online system will give the ILWA and DPW the ability to pinpoint storm drain stencils that need updating and disperse volunteers to those areas as they are available.

Thank you to ILWA board member Ed Dubois who is working with the students on the weed survey and Dave Harris from the Department of Public Works who is the contact for the storm drain project! So grateful to be working with WPI professors Kasouf and Rao again as well. We have a super partnership!

Our students are Mikhail Khibkin, Parsant Jotikasthira (PJ) and Dylan Martel. Please take a moment to learn about them here.
Unfortunately, we did not receive the NEWEA grant that was applied for this summer to update water monitoring equipment and supplies.


We recently applied to the Greater Worcester Community Foundation Discretionary Fund to request funding for next year's lake management plan and creation/distribution of informational materials on protecting the watershed to area residents. Keep your fingers crossed!!


Our fundraising last year did not afford us the time to apply for grants. We will be seeking more grant opportunities and reaching out to those that were kind enough to offer help with them very soon. 

Herb Adams
Sadly we lost our dear friend and neighborhood legend, Herb Adams, this week. Herb was well known not only for his service to our country but the endless hours he spent in our neighborhood taking care of Morgan Park, Frostholm Memorial, Hapgood-Brooks Memorial and endless other public spaces.
In an attempt to bring together a multitude of things that shaped Herb Adams life, the ILWA sent a 'summary' to the press yesterday. Please take the time to read it. More information can be found in numerous documents, interviews and stories online by googling 'Herb Adams paratrooper'.


WPD Meetings
Officer Paul Noone, who has been leading our neighborhood watch meetings for quite some time, retired late spring. Officer Noone has been a pleasure to work with over the years, keeping many neighbors informed and addressing neighborhood concerns.
Officer Duffy will now be leading our meetings. Officer Duffy has worked the neighborhood route for many years with Officer Noone and we know he will be wonderful to work with as well.
The next meeting is Tuesday, October 20th at 5:30pm at Ford's Hometown Services, 549 Grove Street. Enter on the left side of the building and proceed to the second floor. All are welcome.  


Mums for Memorials
Thank you to Tom at Jerry's Hardware for help with mums for the Hapgood Brooks and Frostholm memorials. Thank you to Lincoln MacDonald, Councilor Economou and Morgan Proko for planting!  
Norton Drive Cleanup
Thank you to our great helpers last month for cleaning up Norton Drive between Shore Drive and West Boylston Street! The banken that leads up to Rt 190 was adopted by the ILWA years ago to help with the litter.

Pictured are volunteers Maryann, Andre, Raychelle, J.B., Joseph, Anthony and sweet Angelina. Thank you all very much!

Winter Drawdown
The gates will be closed for the season on or about October 26th. We will proceed with the 6 foot drawdown again this winter.


Fall Cleanup November 14th
Our fall cleanup will be Saturday, November 14th from 9am to noon. We really, really need assistance getting the memorials cleaned up and the leaves collected at Morgan Park. If you cannot make this day, we are happy to provide tools for individuals and groups to work on other days. Kindly meet at Morgan Park at 9am November 14th to help with the cleanup.


Water Watchers
It is important that we all become champions for our watershed. Watch for signs of dumping into storm drains or waterways or clogged storm drains. Please report to the City of Worcester customer service line at 508-929-1300.


New Email!


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