Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 11/13/2015

Fall Cleanup November 14th
Our fall cleanup will be Saturday, November 14th from 9am to noon. We really, really need assistance getting the memorials cleaned up and the leaves collected at Morgan Park. If you cannot make this day, we are happy to provide tools for individuals and groups to work on other days. Kindly meet at Morgan Park at 9am November 14th to help with the cleanup.


Winter Drawdown - Part 2
We will proceed with the 6 foot drawdown again this winter. The gates will officially be open will within the next day.
If anyone has information relative to who has been tampering with the gates, please call 508-929-1300. 


WPD Meetings
Officer Carlson will host our Neighborhood Watch meetings moving forward. Please come and learn about break-ins and suspected unlawful activity that may have occurred in the Indian Lake area in the previous month and have your concerns addressed.  
The next meeting is Tuesday, November 17th at 5:30pm at Ford's Hometown Services, 549 Grove Street. Enter on the left side of the building and proceed to the second floor. All are welcome.  


Contact State and City Representatives TODAY
Last year's closure has brought a lot of issues affecting Indian Lake to the forefront. We have the attention of our City and State government and we are determined to turn this negative into a positive. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
City and State funding is needed to pay for critical improvements to restore Indian Lake including monies for pre-dredging permitting, removal of nutrient filled sediment from the lake, adding critical storm water controls at Ararat Brook and improving the water movement through the Sears Island Causeway.
We need you to send letters to state and city representatives immediately to remind them of how important Indian Lake is to tax payers.


Water Watchers
It is important that we all become champions for our watershed. Watch for signs of dumping into storm drains or waterways or clogged storm drains. Please report to the City of Worcester customer service line at 508-929-1300.


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