Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 2/15/2016

INDIAN LAKE ... Next steps.... We need YOU!
While the fairer weather earlier in the winter was so enjoyable, the deep freeze is really beneficial for Indian Lake. The drawdown ensures much of the nutrient filled sediment and weeds are exposed to the cold. So bundle up a little more and it'll be spring before we know it!
Short term.... the City of Worcester hired an engineering company to analyze the lake sediment, a crucial step before dredging can be considered. This may also provide data that will give us more short term options for reducing nutrients. The City of Worcester has also employed a company to study Ararat Brook. Known for being the most problematic inlet for nutrients entering the lake, it may  pinpoint more specific sources.  

Last year's alum treatment was pivotal in bringing nutrient levels down. It is the excessive nutrients combined with our warm, shallow waterway that is ideal for algae blooms. It was the expertise of two environmental companies with extensive knowledge of Indian Lake, Lycott Environmental (now Solitude Lake Management) and ESS Group, that this plan was put into place.
We are so thankful for the generous contributions that made this treatment possible which proved to be successful for keeping Indian Lake open in the summer of 2015.
The ILWA has already begun fundraising for a treatment for this summer. Along with weekly algae testing, we hope to build on last year's success while larger plans come into place. We will continue to work with Amanda Wilson, Director of Housing and Health Inspections, to move this plan forward.
Longer term... Councilor Tony Economou, City Manager Ed Augustus, State Representatives John Mahoney and Jim O'Day, Senator Harriett Chandler and Matt Beaton, Secretary, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, are working collectively to seek funds for improvements to the Ararat Brook and dredging nutrient filled sediment that has accumulated in Indian Lake for over 50 years.
Please take the time to reach out to these folks and tell them how important Indian Lake is to our community!    

Fundraising in Full Swing!
We have set a fundraising goal for this spring once again at $30,000. This will cover the cost of the Alum treatment, educational materials focused on reducing nutrients entering the lake and portable toilets for Morgan Park. (The ILWA covered the cost of the toilets last summer at this heavily used park). We are very grateful to have received $5000 already from the Greater Worcester Community Foundation! The funds were issued from the Robert W. Booth Fund in Memory of George F. Booth.
Our goal is now $25,000!!
We are seeking grants, donations from individuals and businesses. No amount is too small! The ILWA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and therefore your donation is tax deductible! Our mailing address is: ILWA, PO Box 60244, Worcester, MA 01606.   
Membership renewals are going out soon. Please consider an optional donation to help us reach this goal.


WPD Meetings ** NEW ** Time and Location
Our next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be Tuesday, March 15th at 6pm at Harr Toyota, 100 Gold Star Boulevard. Please note the new location and time.  
The Indian Lake Neighborhood Watch is held by the Worcester Police Department and is open to all. It is held on the third Tuesday of every month and posted on the City of Worcester website:
Please come and learn about any recent unlawful activity that may have occurred in the Indian Lake area and have your concerns addressed.  
Annual Meeting March 10th at 6:30pm
The annual meeting of the Indian Lake Watershed Association will take place on Thursday, March 10th at 6:30pm, location to be determined. The public is welcome.
"Floating Islands"
We have had many questions regarding several large lumps in the lake. A consultation with our environmental company suggested they are often referred to as "floating islands". They are basically pieces of the lake bottom (usually held together with plants and living or decaying root systems) that rip free due to the buoyancy of the decomposing plant material and possibly trapped gases. We are hopeful as the water comes back in, they will begin to break apart and sink again.

Protecting our 'Blue Ways'
During Mayor Joseph Petty's January 8th inaugural address, the mayor noted, "A city like ours must celebrate its green AND blue space". Our inland waterways have suffered from neglect for many years. While it's common to place blame, we must come together and move forward to protect and improve our blue spaces such as Indian Lake. They are a tremendous asset to our community.
There are many local volunteer watershed groups working tirelessly in our City, sharing information and joining forces as much as possible to improve our local waterways for all to enjoy. Please join us in being champions for protecting both our green and blue spaces. 
Latest WPI Project Wrapping Up
Our most recent Independent Qualifying Project is wrapping up with students from WPI. This is our 4th project with fabulous students and professors from WPI! Our students this year are Mikhail Khibkin, Parsant Jotikasthira (PJ) and Dylan Martel. Thank you to ILWA board member Ed Dubois who is working with the students on the weed survey and Dave Harris from the Department of Public Works who is the contact for the storm drain project! The students will be presenting their work. We will send a notice out when this date is set.

Herb Adams Memories
A memorial site has been set up by Herb's family to collect stories, photos and more. Kindly take the time to visit the site and share your stories with the family. Herb touched so many of us in many different ways. Feel free to share the page with others who may be interested in learning about Herb or sharing a story.

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