Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 4/11/2016

WPI Presentation Tonight (April 11th)
Our most recent Independent Qualifying Project (IQP) is wrapping up with students from WPI. This is our 4th project with fabulous students and professors from WPI! Our students this year are Mikhail Khibkin, Parsant Jotikasthira (PJ) and Dylan Martel. Thank you to ILWA board member Ed Dubois who worked with the students on the weed survey and Dave Harris from the City of Worcester Department of Public Works who was their contact for the storm drain project!
The students will be presenting their project tonight.
The presentation will take place at 6:30 p.m. on MONDAY, APRIL 11th at Gateway Park 1, 60 Prescott Street, Worcester in room GP 1002.
A campus map with parking information can be found at  .

Fundraising in Full Swing!
Our fundraising goal for this spring is $30,000. This will cover the cost of the Alum treatment, educational materials focused on reducing nutrients entering the lake. Funds must be in place by early May.
We have $18,605 left to raise and we need your help!  
We are seeking grants, donations from individuals and businesses. No amount is too small! The ILWA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and therefore your donation is tax deductible!

Our mailing address is: ILWA, PO Box 60244, Worcester, MA 01606. 

Volunteers Needed for Geese Program
The City of Worcester's geese management program will come to Indian Lake again this spring.
Volunteers are needed immediately to begin working with the City to track nests. Please send an email to if you are interested in helping.
Volunteers Needed for Water Testing
The City of Worcester Inspectional Services Division continues to test for coliform bacteria at the beaches and outfalls to ensure any negative condition that could be affecting Indian Lake is identified immediately.
The City of Worcester has also committed to test algae regularly this year. Algae is a natural occurrence in lakes, however excessive algae blooms and the presence of blue-green algae are key signs of too many nutrients in the lake and a lake's deterioration. It is important to acknowledge the City's effort to move this forward as a key management tool.
Volunteers will begin secchi disk readings soon to monitor the lake's clarity.
We are in need of volunteers to collect samples and run tests to monitor dissolved oxygen and nutrients in the water. Please email for more information. 
Spring Cleanup Saturday, May 7th 9am to Noon
Our spring cleanup will take place on Saturday, May 7th from 9am to noon. We will meet at Morgan Park at 9am and disperse to locations around the lake including: Shore Park, Indian Lake Beach, Hapgood Brooks Memorial, Frostholm Memorial and Norton Drive.
We will be joined by students and teachers from St. John's High School United Nations as part of their longtime commitment to working with the ILWA for their spring service day.
Please bring gloves and labeled wheelbarrows if possible!

WPD Meetings ** NEW ** Time and Location
Our next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be Tuesday, April 19th at 6pm at Harr Toyota, 100 Gold Star Boulevard. Please note the new location and time.  
The Indian Lake Neighborhood Watch is held by the Worcester Police Department and is open to all. It is held on the third Tuesday of every month and posted on the City of Worcester website:
Please come and learn about any recent unlawful activity that may have occurred in the Indian Lake area and have your concerns addressed.  
Herb Adams Memories
A memorial site has been set up by Herb's family to collect stories, photos and more. Kindly take the time to visit the site and share your stories with the family. Herb touched so many of us in many different ways. Feel free to share the page with others who may be interested in learning about Herb or sharing a story.

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