Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 4/29/2015

Spring Cleanup Saturday, May 9th 9am to Noon


Our spring cleanup will take place on Saturday, May 9th from 9am to noon. We will meet at Morgan Park at 9am and disperse to locations around the lake including: Shore Park, Indian Lake Beach, Hapgood Brooks Memorial, Frostholm Memorial, Norton Drive and the state property at the end of Mattson Avenue.


We will be joined by students and teachers from St. John's High School United Nations as part of their longtime commitment to working with the ILWA for their spring service day AND the City Manager's Clean Team per the request of District 1 City Councilor Tony Economou.


Please bring gloves and labeled wheelbarrows if possible!



Lake Fundraising Continues
The ILWA has been working tirelessly all winter to develop short and long range plans for Indian Lake. In the near term, our goal is to do everything possible to keep Indian Lake open for swimming and boating this summer after the discovery of cyanobacteria/blue-green algae that forced the lake's closure last summer.  
We have recently signed a contract with Aquatic Control Technologies, a local environmental company who has extensive experience working with Indian Lake. 
We continue to fundraise to cover expenses associated with lake management for this summer. A generous challenge grant has been issued by the George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation to help us reach our goal of $35,000. 

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the ILWA so that we can continue doing everything possible to keep the lake open this summer. Donations can be mailed to: ILWA, PO Box 60244, Worcester, MA 01606.
Contact State and City Representatives TODAY
Last year's closure has brought a lot of issues affecting Indian Lake to the forefront. We have the attention of our City and State government and we are determined to turn this negative into a positive. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
As you read this, both the state and city budgets are being crafted and voted on. Funding is needed to pay for critical improvements to restore Indian Lake including monies for a sediment analysis, pre-dredging permitting, removal of nutrient filled sediment from the lake, adding critical storm water controls at Ararat Brook and improving the water movement through the Sears Island Causeway.
We need you to send letters to state and city representatives immediately to remind them of how important Indian Lake is to tax payers.

State Representative Jim O'Day
Massachusetts State House
Room 540
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2090Fax: 617-626-0884
Email: James.O'

State Representative John Mahoney
Massachusetts State House
Room 443
Boston, MA 02133Phone: 617-722-2460Fax: 617-626-0247

Senator Harriette Chandler
Massachusetts State House
Room 333
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1544Fax: 617-722-1357

Worcester City Council
City Manager Ed Augustus


Water Testing
In the past, the City of Worcester Inspectional Services Division primarily tested the beaches at Indian Lake for coliform bacteria during the 6 weeks they were open each season. All the outfalls are also being tested regularly now to ensure any negative condition that could be affecting Indian Lake is identified immediately.
Based on our request, the City of Worcester has recently signed a commitment for algae testing to be done at the lake this year. Algae is a natural occurrence in lakes, however excessive algae blooms and the presence of blue-green algae are key signs of too many nutrients in the lake and a lake's deterioration.
There are no requirements for algae testing. Once blue-green algae is found in elevated levels though, as with last summer, access to the water body is limited. Blue-green algae itself is rarely harmful yet when this type of algae dies, it can produce harmful toxins that can cause illness.
For best management, it is important to begin regular algae testing so we can do everything possible to stay ahead of any change in normal conditions for Indian Lake. 
It is important to acknowledge the City's effort to move this forward.
Secchi disk readings will be starting this week to monitor the lake's clarity.
We continue to seek volunteers to help monitor additional lake parameters that will chart our progress.


Geese Management
The City of Worcester's geese management program will come to Indian Lake beginning this spring.


Volunteers are needed immediately to begin tracking nests. Irving Cormier and Marianne Pomeroy will be working with city representatives to coordinate volunteers. Please send an email to if you can help. 


Many lawn care professionals have made commitments over the years to reduce the use of phosphorus based fertilizers in an effort to protect our waterways. As of January 2014, phosphorus based fertilizers, with the exception of starter fertilizers, are no longer allowed to be sold in Massachusetts for the same reason.


A common lake management has been 'Green lawns = green lakes'. We are hopeful these changes will provide significant benefits moving forward throughout the state to dispel this theory.  


Water Watchers
It is important that we all become champions for our watershed. Watch for signs of dumping into storm drains or waterways or clogged storm drains. Please report to the City of Worcester customer service line at 508-929-1300.


New Board


Welcome to our new board members for 2015-2016.


Beth Proko, President & Treasurer

Peter McKone, Vice President

Marianne Pomeroy, Secretary


Herb Adams

Karl Bjork

Irving Cormier

Bob Gates

Brian Laperle

Kevin O'Sullivan

Warren Page

Dave Schwartz

Diane Mohieldin Schwartz

Michele Sloan

Trevor Williams 


Monthly WPD Neighborhood Watch

The Worcester Police Department's monthly Neighborhood Watch take place the 3rd Tuesday of every month. The next meeting will be Tuesday, May 19th at 5:30pm at Ford's Hometown Services, 549 Grove Street. Enter 2nd floor in the rear, left side of Ford's Home Town Services.
               WPI Presentation            
The ILWA has had the opportunity to work on the third Independent Qualifying Project with WPI students this year. This year's project included a watershed wide survey to identify things that may be negatively impacting Indian Lake and its tributaries.We look forward to announcing a date for their final presentation very soon.
Thank You to Our Wonderful Volunteers!
BOAT RAMP: The boat ramp at Morgan Park has been deteriorating for some time. There have been a variety of discussions about replacing this state owned ramp over the years. Meanwhile ILWA and many people have donated resources to make temporary repairs over time. The ramp was in horrible condition heading into winter. As plans began to take place for another temporary fix, we saw that it had already been done! Thank you to our secret squirrels who did this! It will be appreciated by many this summer!

RT 190 GRAFFITI: Thank you to Jim Vargas and Gary Placek for your tireless work to paint over graffiti on the Rt. 190 wall. This project began in the fall and was completed recently. It looks fabulous!
KIVER POND DAM: Thank you to Bob Gates, Lincoln MacDonald and Bob Lyons who have all played a role in helping with the Kiver Pond dam!
               Volunteer Opportunities           


Looking for volunteer projects? First please know that volunteers are providing weekly maintenance at many locations around the lake so help is always needed with mowing, trimming, weeding.


Additional project ideas can be found at this link:


Volunteer projects 


New Email!


We have a new email address! Please direct questions and concerns to   


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