Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 4/4/2017
Fabulous turnout at Annual Meeting!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our annual meeting on March 9th! We welcomed wonderful speakers - Jacquelyn Burmeister speaking on lake management, Dave Harris talking about the importance of stormwater management and Rob Antonelli sharing exciting news about the parks surrounding Indian Lake! Thank you to our speakers and Bancroft School who provided a beautiful space for us at their Field House.

Our board of directors voted at the annual meeting:

Elizabeth Proko, President                      
Peter McKone (Bancroft School), Vice President
Diane M. Schwartz, Treasurer
Morgan Proko, Secretary
Karl Bjork
Edward Dubois
Dave Schwartz
William Clougherty
Katie DuPont
Gary Placek
Steven Rothschild
James Vargas
Amanda Wilson (City of Worcester)
Kevin O'Sullivan
Aaron Sakulich
Michele Sloan   
Workshop: Identifying & Monitoring Cyanobacteria in Our Lakes & Ponds Friday, April 7th

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is leading training programs across the country which help lake associations, educators, water quality specialists, municipal employees and people interested in citizen science learn how they can help to identify and track cyanobacteria blooms. The ILWA, in cooperation with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Worcester, is offering this valuable training to those interested.

Attendees will learn visual signs of a cyanobacteria bloom and how to report a bloom through the EPA's Cyanoscope program (
The workshop will take place from 8:30 am to noon on Friday, April 7th at the Bancroft School Community Room located at the Field House at 100 Shore Drive in Worcester.
 Register here: Cyanobacteria Workshop

April Indian Lake Monthly Neighborhood Watch 4/18/2017 AT 6PM
The Indian Lake Neighborhood Watch meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at the training room at Harr Toyota, 100 Gold Star Boulevard. At every meeting we receive an update on the neighborhood crime statistics from the previous month from Worcester Police Officer Lisa Carlson. Officer Carlson also shares other updates with the group including trends in crime around the city as well as important tips regarding general safety, home security and how to identify illegal drugs and drug use behaviors.
This meeting is also about quality of life issues in the neighborhood such as missing street signs, graffiti, illegal dumpting, pot holes, abandoned vehicles, abandoned houses, etc. The meeting is typically attended by one of the City of Worcester Code Enforcement employees who is also available to answer questions about city ordinances.
If you are unable to attend these meetings but would like to share information with the group or ask a question you can email  or Officer Carlson directly at .

Hopeful for Further Progress for our Blueways

The ILWA recently dedicated significant time and energy working with the City of Worcester under the 'Blueways' initiative and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) to submit a grant application that will use our experiences at Indian Lake to not only improve management and response to potential harmful algae blooms at Indian Lake but to develop processes that will help all our local waterways and serve as a model for other municipalities. Detail on the grant is below. The grant will be awarded in the next couple of months. Keep your fingers and toes crossed!!
Section 604b of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) authorizes the awarding of funds through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to states for water quality assessment and management planning grants. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection expects to receive approximately $180,000 in 604b funds from EPA for FY17 for disbursement to eligible projects.
The City of Worcester has submitted a grant application under the "water quality assessment and management planning" projects for which 604b funds are sought to include:  
  • Creation of a set of tools to forecast cyanobacteria blooms in Worcester's lakes and ponds
  • Development and public education of a City Harmful Algal Bloom Detection and Response plan
  • Drafting of novel recommendations for the prevention of harmful algal blooms at Indian Lake
  • Building of a framework to replicate the above-mentioned tools in other municipalities throughout the region 
If awarded, this grant will provide funding for the monitoring of water quality parameters at Indian Lake, and the analysis of these results by a Worcester Polytechnic Institute graduate student to create the abovementioned tools with the City of Worcester. The City will work closely with the University, contractors and the Indian Lake Watershed Association to realize the project over 18 months beginning in January of 2018.
These projects are expected to put the City of Worcester in a better position to prevent, predict and respond to harmful algal blooms in the future, thereby reducing their frequency and the City's response time and ultimately reducing human exposure to harmful cyanotoxins. In doing so, Worcester will be creating a replicable framework that accounts for diverse lake characteristics, and that can be applied in other municipalities throughout the region.
Spring Cleanup - Saturday, May 13th - 9am to noon

Shoreline cleanup ~ Clason Road Beach ~ Morgan Park ~ Shore Park ~ Hapgood Brooks Memorial ~ Frostholm Memorial and MORE!
Let's get ready for spring! Please meet at Morgan Park at 9am.  Mark your calendar!


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