Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 6/16/2016

Our fundraising goal for this spring is $30,000. This will cover the cost of the Alum treatment to temporarily reduce lake nutrients that are contributing to algae issues and educational materials focused on reducing nutrients entering the lake. Funds must be in place quickly in order to schedule the treatment. 
We have $15,745 left to raise and we need your help!  
We are seeking grants, donations from individuals and businesses. No amount is too small! The ILWA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and therefore your donation is tax deductible!

Our mailing address is: ILWA, PO Box 60244, Worcester, MA 01606.   
Protecting Our 'Blue Ways'
Worcester Magazine published a fabulous story about the importance of protecting our waterways in the June 9th, 2016 issue. Sarah Connell did a fabulous job looking at different aspects of the struggles our blue spaces face. Kudos to Mayor Joe Petty for moving this initiative to the forefront. Volunteers work tirelessly to protect our Worcester waterways and turn back the hands of time to restore them so our community can continue to benefit from their beauty. 
Little Indian Lake
Thank you to Warren Page for his endless dedication to Little Indian Lake! Aaron Sakulich has kindly stepped in to pick up the annual collection from Little Indian residents for the summer weed management program. SOLitude Lake Management is under contract to help keep this valuable water body looking it's best throughout the season. Thank you Warren and Aaron!
Open Water Swimming and Triathletes

The season is now in full swim for triathletes and one of the important disciplines is the Open Water Swim. Triathletes in the area of Worcester and surrounding towns will gather for training in Indian Lake, mostly in the early morning hours and on the weekends. As safety is everyone's first concern, it is common practice to swim in groups with a swim buddy along with a bright orange or pink swim buoy so that the swimmers are visible. Please be sure to pay extra attention when boating or riding Jet Ski's on Indian Lake. Watch for swimmers and steer clear to avoid any accidents! We thank you for your attention to this very important matter.
Shirley Shepardson, LMT Level I USAT Certified Triathlon Coach US Masters Swim Certified Coach Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner SportsZenergy, Therapeutic and Sports Massage, US Masters Swimming Level 1 & 2 Certified Coach
Algae Testing /Bacteria Monitoring
The City of Worcester is working with ESS Group to monitor algae coming into the summer season. As always, they are monitoring bacteria levels at the beaches and inlets as well. Many thanks to Amanda Wilson and her team for assistance with these important safety measures.
Improvements at Clason Beach
Many thanks to Dave Harris of the DPW&P Sewer Operations and Storm Water Management Division for sharing with us improvements being made to the Clason Road beach parking lot. Cement slabs are being added to manage stormwater runoff from the parking lot that can enter the lake. Runoff from parking lots and roads are very problematic when it comes to excessive nutrients in the lake so this is another big step in the right direction.
Learn How to Build a Rain Garden
The Department of Public Works & Parks is having a Rain Garden Event on Saturday June 18th from 8am to 2pm.
If people are interested in learning more about rain gardens or would like to help with the plantings, please come.
Benefits of rain gardens include:
  • Help to reduce flooding
  •  Filter pollution from stormwater
  •  Helps to protect local waterways from pollution
  •  Recharges groundwater
Rain Garden Event
Saturday June 18, 2016 from 8AM-2PM
Northeast Cutoff Opposite Great Brook Valley Softball Field
For more information contact Worcester DPW&P at 508 - 929 - 1300

Isabelle Comes to Indian Lake
Thank you to the Buell family for sending this photo of (and naming!) our Indian Lake beaver! Isabelle Beaver has been seen consistently along the shores of the north side of Indian Lake. 
We know that Indian Lake is home to swans, great blue heron, eagles, turtles and a variety of fish. Feel free to send your wildlife photos to    
WPD Meetings
Our next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be Tuesday, Jue 21st at 6pm at Harr Toyota, 100 Gold Star Boulevard. Please note the new location and time.  
The Indian Lake Neighborhood Watch is held by the Worcester Police Department and is open to all. It is held on the third Tuesday of every month and posted on the City of Worcester website:
Please come and learn about any recent unlawful activity that may have occurred in the Indian Lake area and have your concerns addressed.  

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