Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 7/29/2016

Summer 2016 Lake Status
While we were not able to proceed with our Alum treatment this spring, the lake has done remarkably well thus far. We will continue fundraising for a spring 2017 treatment. Once again Alum temporarily strips the excessive nutrients from the water body that cause the algae to flourish.
Clarity has been excellent this year. Improved clarity means that our non-native invasive weeds have been very active. Unfortunately, until we are able to move larger projects forward to benefit the long term health of Indian Lake, it will continue to be a delicate balance.
Plans are currently being put in place for a Copper Sulfate treatment. The lake will be closed one day when and if this is needed. Copper will reduce cyanobacteria (aka blue green algae) to keep levels within the Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines if needed.

The City of Worcester has covered the cost of algae monitoring again this year which has been a huge help.

Update - Improvements at Clason Beach
Morgan Park Boat Ramp
Thank you to District 1 City Councilor Tony Economou and DPW&P Assistant Commissioner Rob Antonelli for their quick response to concerns about the Morgan Park boat ramp in June.

This state owned ramp, long in need of replacement, needed immediate repair. A member of the ILWA, Councilor Economou and Commissioner Antonelli had an emergency meeting with a representative from the state Office of Fishing and Boating Access. A temporary repair was done quickly by Mr. Antonelli's staff. The state is expected to make further repairs in the fall.
Further discussions are taking place regarding the long term plan for the boat ramp.
We appreciate the quick response by all involved on this.
Geese Management 
We have had a large population of geese making Indian Lake their home this summer. Please see the document below on the City of Worcester's geese management program and how you can help:

Shore Park Improvements
The first phase of improvements to Shore Park is scheduled to begin by the end of August! Thank you to all who have supported this exciting project!
There are numerous windsurfers and sails (no boats) stored in the current building that will need homes. If you are interested, please send an email to

Asian Longhorn Beetle Information
A s you may be aware, the invasive pest known as the Asian Longhorn Beetle ("ALB") remains a problem in central Massachusetts.  Asian Longhorn Beetle is a voracious consumer of maples and other native hardwood trees, threatening not only the trees in your neighborhood but also many important New England industries including tourism, lumber, and maple syrup production.  Since the discovery of the beetle in 2008, more than 33,000 host trees have been removed. Cutting down and fully chipping the trees remains the only way to ensure the beetle is destroyed.  Because Worcester serves as a gateway to the hardwood forests of northern New England, stopping ALB here is crucial.  Surveyors are currently in the processes of re-examining trees for damage.  Infested trees are still being found but in increasingly fewer numbers.
For more information on Asian Longhorn Beetle visit or
You can also follow @albtweets on Twitter for up-to-date information on this pest.

Joshua Bruckner
ALB Outreach Coordinator
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
WPD Meetings
Our next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be Tuesday, August 16th at 6pm at Harr Toyota, 100 Gold Star Boulevard. Please note the new location and time.  
The Indian Lake Neighborhood Watch is held by the Worcester Police Department and is open to all. It is held on the third Tuesday of every month and posted on the City of Worcester website:
Please come and learn about any recent unlawful activity that may have occurred in the Indian Lake area and have your concerns addressed.  
We are seeking grants, donations from individuals and businesses. No amount is too small! The ILWA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and therefore your donation is tax deductible!

Our mailing address is: ILWA, PO Box 60244, Worcester, MA 01606.   

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