Indian Lake Watershed Association Update 8/3/2016

Indian Lake Closed Thursday, August 4th, 2016


The Indian Lake Watershed Association, in cooperation with the City of Worcester, has contracted with SOLitude Lake Management to apply copper sulfate to Indian Lake. The goal of the treatment is to eradicate current algae blooms, in particular, cyanobacteria or blue-green algae.

The most recent water sample collected shows blue-greens at 35,000 cells per milliliter. Restrictions for human activity are put in place by the state at 70,000 cells per ml. While this sample shows levels still well below the state limit, we are taking a proactive approach. Algae levels will continue to be monitored following the treatment.

On Thursday, August 4th Indian lake will be CLOSED due to this chemical treatment. All use of the lake will be prohibited including boating, fishing, swimming and irrigation.

The lake will re-open on Friday, August 5th.

This chemical treatment is being applied by SOLitude Lake Management, a licensed environmental management company with extensive knowledge of Indian Lake. It is conducted pursuant to a permit issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MASSDEP) under an order of conditions issued by the Worcester Conservation Commission.

A press release was sent on 8/2/2016 and posters were places around the lake today. 

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