We face a challenging new chapter ahead for our environment, both for Indiana and, most especially, for our country.  

There will likely be more vigorous efforts to dismantle environmental protections that had their roots in an era of bipartisan statesmanship.  We may see, in the short run, serious efforts to reverse national commitments to climate action as well.

Our work may get much more difficult in the time ahead.  But when we are resilient, strong, and creative in our coalition-building, things do change. Consider that Indiana was once a hotbed of the KKK; yet, while places of intolerance remain, people of diverse backgrounds are rebuilding their blocks together, with courage, determination, and love.  We see so much other progress across our state: A  world-class urban trail in our state's capital city has brought people from all walks of life together.  Our solar farms are among the nation's most noteworthy, and point the way to a carbon-free world.  We see a deep sense of collaboration by so many organizations to aid the neighborhoods that are most hurting.   And, the day before yesterday, we saw victory with the mass transit referendum in Indianapolis -- which may well lead to the biggest expansion of mass transit in our state's history.

Yes, we will likely face difficult trials ahead in this new political world, but  we must keep our minds and hearts focused on those whom we all feel called to support: The community exposed to groundwater contamination.  The child who could be vulnerable to lead poisoning.  The sow living a life of pain & suffering in a confining factory farm.  The graceful bird whose tree, and livelihood, could be lost by a callous or greedy decision.  The farmer facing a future of greater drought and floods.

People and wildlife depend on the work of the Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC).  And HEC depends on faithful supporters like you.

We hope to see you at  Greening the Statehouse on Saturday, November 19th.  It will be a perfect antidote to what many of us are probably feeling right now: a day to be informed, recharged, and inspired -- and a day to renew our bonds of friendship and comradery!

Best wishes,

Jesse Kharbanda
Executive Director
Hoosier Environmental Council

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