March 2022
PDF supports Indigenous-led organizing that advances justice, sovereignty, reconciliation, and now, #LandBack, through our grants, fiscal sponsorship, training, and initiatives, and as a philanthropic advisor to donors. As board member Earl Tulley says, "PDF supports ‘moccasins-on-the-ground’ organizations, with our role helping to propel them and give them a hand up, not a hand out."

To this day, PDF exercises our Consulting Status at the United Nations, supporting the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, attending Human Rights Council sessions, the Commission on the Status of Women, and other meetings, supporting the worldwide Indigenous movement.

The 2022 Spring Newsletter highlights developments with PDF's new grant-making fund and introduces two of the people aged 18–25 serving as the New Funding Circle members, as well as spotlighting several other organizations who benefit from PDF's support.

Jackson Kusiak of Human Rights Coalition said, “With support from PDF we were able to continue organizing to abolish solitary confinement, and to give leadership training to our solitary confinement survivors, organize rallies and mass actions to hold elected officials accountable and grow our capacity by building power across the state."

Elizabeth Venable of Fund for Empowerment said, “PDF helped to foster our development as a growing organization with funding and guidance. With grant monies, we have continued to combat the criminalization of homelessness and it helped us to engage people who live on the streets to encourage them to advocate for better conditions.”
De Colores Rapid Response Fund:
Movement Moment Grants
PDF continues to issue "Movement Moment" grants to grassroots organizations through the De Colores Rapid Response Fund. In January of 2022, at the height of the Omnicron COVID-19 surge, PDF supported People of the Confluence, whose mission is to empower Indigenous youth, honor the tradition and knowledge of their ancestors, and revitalize Indigenous communities, culture, and the land.

They said, “The De Colores grant helped us to quickly respond to the spike in COVID cases by creating and distributing nearly 500 bundles, salves, masks, and containers of traditional medicines to Indigenous elders who were in great need."
Other recent grant partners from this fund include Sol2Soul Freedom Project's organizing response to spiking gentrification in Puerto Rico, Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change's efforts to mobilize families impacted by police brutality, the carceral system, and the juvenile justice system, and Texas Prisons Community Advocates for their advocacy for the advancement of humane health and living conditions within Texas Prisons.
Honor the Movement, Invest in its Leaders:
A Grassroots Funding Week Kickoff Event!
PDF's 2022 Community Organizing Grants cycle is underway and Grassroots Funding Week is YOUR opportunity to be a grant-maker. This week-long crowdfunding campaign lifts up and strengthens the cutting-edge work on the front lines of social change movements. 

Mark your calendars for Grassroots Funding Week: April 25th - April 29th.

We hope you'll join us via Zoom on Monday, April 25th from 5:30 to 6:30 PM for our Grassroots Funding Week Kickoff Event: Honor the Movement, Invest in its Leaders.

This event will spotlight participating organizations, introduce the leaders and offer organizing insights, giving you a chance to learn more about their work.
Thank you for your support.