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It's that time of year
When our thoughts turn to giving.
Holiday Haikus!

Shelly Emmett
Shelly Emmett


Share your joyfulness
So warmth and light shines through you
That is why you're here.

Purple Platypuses & Rainbow Monkeys: Liberal Arts
Hari Berzins
Hari Berzins


Kids make gifts with hands

for mom, dad, sister, brother.

An elf factory.

- Miss Hari


Bird Cookies make mess

on floor of purple room. Then

yarn, thread, fabric, loops.

(Thank you, Miss Lara, for keeping our school so clean!)

- Miss Hari
I love winter, yeah!

I love snowball fights, okay?

I love hot coco.

- Alena


 No more, haikus, no.

If I hear another haiku

I will be real mad.

- William 


Every soul sees some

light in the darkest dark time

of Christmas happy.

- Ella


My name is Satya.

I really like when it snows

Deep snow is so fun.

- Satya  


Haiku, haiku, boo.

Haiku, haiku, haiku, boo.

Haiku, haiku, boo.

- Ben  


Jack Frost is coming.

He makes trees sparkle with frost.

Ponds are so frozen.

- Cedar  


I love Christmas day!

I am frozen to the bone.

I hear reindeer hooves.

- Tai  


It is winter now.

I wish it was snowing now.

Summer is better.

- Tigerlily  

It is cold out here.
Why is it so cold out here?
I do not like cold.  

- Jerrin

See, it is winter.
See snow fall like a blanket.
It is warmer here. 

- Allie

Marshmallows swirling
Hot chocolate kind of day
Cookies and presents 

- Madelyn


Snow falls from the sky
Brrrrr! it is quite cold outside
Down a hill I go. 

- Layla  

Snowflakes are falling
Each one of them is different
But they all fall down. 

- Leah

I had a nightmare
It's the day before Christmas
Santa Claus was kidnapped. 

- Yeshe

The snow is falling
the carolers are coming
Cocoa time is here. 

- Aliya

Frost is in the air
Lights are on the Christmas tree
Snowflake on my tongue.

- Maggie


Purple Platypuses & Rainbow Monkeys: Sciences
Miranda Spencer
Miranda Spencer



For love of science
Einstein envisioned it all.
Well, we reckon so.






Fire Cheetahs / Fire Kids
Corey Avellar
Corey Avellar

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The 3-4-5s
Stefi Schafer
Stefi Schafer

Stones in the pot boil.
Each one adds an offering.
All the school was fed.



Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan



red, yellow and blue...
make orange, purple and green
so many colors!  

Fire Cheetahs / Fire Kids
the leaves change color
skeletons of trees remain
we make fall tree art

Purple Platypuses
charcoal is smudgy
draw a self portrait, it's work
the challenge is fun 

Rainbow Monkeys

change is all around
pushing through a piece of art
quick, let's paint it white

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Service Learning
Jamie Reygle
Jamie Reygle


Do it for yourself

And your community too.

Service Learning time!


You're not on your own

We're all in this together.

Thus you serve yourself.


When I was a boy

I wanted to save the world.

The world is too big.


At Blue Mountain School

We learn to serve, serve to learn.

That's understanding.


We trust that you smiled
Upon reading our poems.
to your pals. 
Thank you friends and kin.  
The folks at Blue Mountain School
Wish, "Happy New Year!"


In This Issue
PPs and RMs: Liberal Arts
PPs and RMs: Sciences
Fire Cheetahs / Fire Kids
The 3-4-5s
Service Learning
Board of Trustees

Next the Board will meet
January 4th at 6.
Everyone should come!

In Gratitude We Thank

Our friends who Feasted.
Artists, crafters, Natasha
And others who gave.

Dogtown folks who housed
Blue Mountain School party.
It's Winter Solstice!

The Friendship Cafe
At Zion Lutheran Church.
Thank you for presents!

Local Gifts people
The businesses and shoppers.
Record fundraiser!



Blue Mountain School 

470 Christiansburg Pike, Floyd, Virginia 24091