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The days grow longer.
New year's newsletter shorter.
Holiday Haikus!



Shelly Emmett
Shelly Emmett


Days spent away from school
Help us grow, breathe, and learn, too.
Take time to just be!


The Unknowns
Jonathan Vandergrift, Inge Terrill, and Rob Neukirch
Jonathan Vandergrift
Inge Terrill
Rob Neukirch


Jingle bells jingle

Then Rudolph flashes his nose

Santa says, "Ho, Ho!"  



The past teaches us

Learning from others before

Better prepared now


Once upon a time

Man walked the earth alone

History began 


History is past

History teaches us, too

Hard to understand 


History is good

History does teach people 

History is fun 


History tells us

History teaches us, too

The past is always


What happened back then

Is what might happen right now

Good to understand 


Language Arts

Manic Magee

Running away, towards problems

Home was always there


In English we write

We can do some random stuff

And sometimes we read 


We read, spell, and write

Commas and apostrophes

Write, read, and spell more. 


English is so good

Dictionary and grammar

Amazing it really is 


Put words together

Write them or say them out loud

Power in language


How do we say it?

How do we write what we mean?

Difficult to say. 



What is the best price

You need to find the right "pi"

Mega pizza best


Math is difficult

It has numbers and letters

It can be boring  


The teacher asks me

You are not supposed to guess

The answer is eight 


Math is really good

Math really does teach people

But math can be hard 


Numbers all around

They are even in nature

Look and you will see


What is the problem?

What is the answer, how much?

How do I do it? 



Disgusting worms please

Just to see what's inside us

Some are even nice

Science explains things
It tells us how some things work
Some things are magic


Science is knowing

Hey, what is all around you?

Land, sea, air, and space. 


Science teaches much

It is truly very good

Science does teach you. 


If I heat water

It will turn into vapor

I experiment


Add baking soda

To a drop of vinegar

Small explosion then. 



We have specials, too

Drama, art, mindfulness, yoga

One every day 

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Miranda Altice
Miranda Altice


Ode to Christmas Break
Christmas break is here
Time for family and friends
Egg nog here I come!

Christmas in July
A Christmas present
Is no longer a secret.
New babe in July!

Red-Eyed Tree Frog Poems
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Bigger print and pictures, too.
A larger version!

Ice Kids
Corey Avellar
Corey Avellar


We want to wish you
Lots of family time and fun,
Holidays at home.

We want to share our
Holiday Haikus with you.
We enjoyed them too.

Wishing you snow and
Happy holiday to all.
from us icicles

Click your mouse to see.
Bigger print and pictures, too.
A larger version!

Sandy Gorillas
Stefi Schafer & Winter Koeppe
Stefi Schafer

Snowy Gorillas
Is that our new winter name?
We want snowy fun!


Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan


dragonfly artists
mixing colors, marigolds
dye wool bright yellow 



black walnuts make wool
a rich brown, as we felt
with our needles so sharp 



colors created
from nature, beautiful as
a dragonfly wing 



in the art room we
create beauty, from our minds
through our hands to you!



Yoga and Movement
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy


a break is a treat
family moments, being
time to walk off treats!



Contemplative Studies
Jagadisha Rotella
Jagadisha Rotella


Joyous season gift
moments between our bliss
feeling the stillness...aah

We hope you enjoyed
This peek into our school home.
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Thank you, friends and kin.  
The folks at Blue Mountain School
Wish, "Happy New Year!"


In This Issue
The Unknowns
Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Ice Kids
Sandy Gorillas
Yoga & Movement
Contemplative Studies
Board Notes
Parent Collective
On the Calendar

Jan 7: Back to School!
Jan 18: Friday Enrichment Session 3 Begins
Jan 21: MLK celebration & All-School Meeting
Jan 26: Chess Club Tournamnet   
Chess Club: 3:15 Thursdays
Board Notes
Excited Trustees.
Thinking, preparing, doing.
Next up? Mardi Gras!
From the Parent Collective
Loving our children
Together we watch them grow
Together we are One.  
In Gratitude We Thank

Rainbow and Milo
Spinning yarn from wool we dyed
Teaching us old ways.

P. Dolma-McKee
Gave toys, games, tools for drawing.
Let's play together!

Mr. Warren L.
Guides Unknowns in cover design.
Colored Pencils soon.

Wes, Linda, Martha
Share their knowledge, skill, and joy.
Brighten the classroom.

Jonathan Greenberg
Two chess guru Jonathans.
Pawn to Bishop 3.

Floyd EcoVillage
The best place for a party.
Celebrate winter!

Zion Friendship Cafe
Gifts of smiles, games, and t-shirts.
We love our neighbors!

Kristan Morrison
Paypal-ed to scholarship fund.
Every bit adds up.

Jack and Kamala
First donors for a new fund.
Here comes the high school!

Anonymous Folk
Support the school month by month.
Property is ours.

Wilder Publications
Continued support.
Scholarship and Friday class.
More Blue Mountain kids.

Families and Trustees
Gave staff a holiday gift.
Staff threw great party!

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