This Blue Mountain School

is loving, giving, mindful. 

Our Community. 

Embrace tradition!
Holiday haiku volume
welcomes the new year. 

Elementary Direction
Shelly Emmett
Shelly Emmett


Sometimes, Winter comes
And people complain. Cold. Dark.
Instead, think: Sun's return.  

High School Direction
Joe Klein
Joe Klein


First semester ends.
Teens present study projects.
Read about it here.

Now we rest, reflect.
Plan and prepare for next year.
Awesome things coming!

Brien Egan and Inge Terrill
Brien Egan
Inge Terrill


The Demigods made visual poetry in the form of personal mandalas as a part of our ongoing study of sacred geometry!  Happy holidays!







Dragon Tamers
Virginia Klara
Virginia Klara


(Note: Virginia is working with the Dragon Tamers while Miranda is on maternity leave. We look forward to welcoming Miranda back in the spring!)


Before creating these holiday haikus for you, the Dragon Tamers reviewed the usual form (syllable structure 5-7-5) and subject matter (nature) of the poetry form, haiku. Titles and punctuation are optional and subject matter can vary in modern haiku. A few things were obviously close to our hearts as we wrote on this fun-filled, pre-holiday day.


Group Haiku from the Dragon Tamers


Miranda's on leave

We miss you and we wish you

A happy new year

                  - V & the Dragon Tamers


Individual Haiku from Dragon Tamers


I love and miss you

I cannot wait for Christmas

Can't wait to see you

                  - Lotus Billand-Yard



It's Snowing Out Side

It is Cold out side right now

It is Christmas time

                  - Lula Morales



rain is wet on me

rain is wet on trees and bees

rain is wet on leaves

                  - Amelia Smith



Snow falls on the town

Snow is wet, it falls on me

Snow falls on the trees

                  - Amelia Smith


The Snow Birds

it is winter time.

the Birds hop into the snow.

it is cold outside.

                  - Tara Kessler-Lapine



it is winter time.

animals hibernating.

it is cold outside.

                  - Tara Kessler-Lapine


Animals burrow

into the ground and sleep - snore

a Spring feeling comes

                  - Reuben Miller 


Apple is a shark.

Apple-Sharks live in water.

Apple-Sharks are cool.

                - Dylan Underwood


Bananas are good

they taste awesome and yummy

they are yellow too.

                - Alonzo Emmett


dogs are very cute

they like to lick you and play

with you when they can

                 - Summit Roberts


Fun frolicking fun.

Undeniable fun.

Naughty fun fun fun.

                  - Autumn Vaughn



Dragons are awesome

Unicorns are shiny bright

Magic is magic!

                  -Osheana Siller & Autumn Vaughn 

Jenni Heartway
Jenni Heartway


Joy is in the air.

Time to rest and relax now.

Winter break is here.


Fire Hawks
Hari Berzins
Hari Berzins

Sending warm thoughts while
baking bread in tiny house.
Nourishment ahead.


Swinging Beetle Bugs
Stefi Schafer & Ashley Morales
Stefi Schafer
Ashley Morales

Thoughts of snow abound
watching birds feed through windows
This cozy classroom

We come together
to bake bread and make butter
Sharing the goodness

Writing names, making
gifts for those we love so much
feeling joy and cheer


Yoga & Physical Education
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy


winter is upon us
spending time with family
love, laughter, giving

remember yoga
stretching, moving, open heart
a new year awaits!



Lore Deighan & Corey Avellar
Lore Deighan
Corey Avellar


Lore says...

looking forward to
returning to Blue Mountain
ready to make art

Corey says...

here we are again
how does the year goes so fast
now it's haiku time

it was wonderful
to play at art with you all
welcome back, Lore!

Contemplative Studies


winter heart awake
present now, in this moment
beauty everywhere

children, surround us
being naturally in play
teaches of the truth

happy merry day
holiday joy dreaming
family loving

Creative Expression
Katie Wells
Katie Wells


Happy New Year, BMES Families!


Every week we play expressive games, but I don't think I've ever explained the rules in 17 syllables -- great practice as kids seem to understand more when I say less. Maybe your child can fill in the details about their class' game?

Swinging Beetle Bugs
Sit in a circle
Pick a card with a picture
Tell us a story

Fire Hawks
Three stand side by side
Exaggeration ripples
From one small movement

Pick a fairy tale
Act out the scene with no words
Can we guess the tale?

Dragon Tamers
Two stand up on stage
One makes sounds, One makes movement
Switch who is leading

An actor yells FREEZE
Replaces someone frozen
Begins a new scene

We hope you enjoyed
This peek into our school home.
To share, click right .  


Thank you, friends and kin.  
The folks at Blue Mountain School
Wish, "Happy New Year!"

In This Issue
Elementary Direction
HS Direction
Dragon Tamers
Fire Hawks
Swinging Beetle Bugs
Yoga & PE
Contemplative Studies
Creative Expression
Talkin' with Teddy
Parent Reminder
Jan 6: Back to school!
Jan 8:
Board meeting
Jan 20: Martin Luther King Jr., Celebration

Adult Yoga: 3:15 Thursday
March 1: Mardi Gras!

Bring me a carrot.
Lettuce and grass are good, too.
Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak! 
Check out Lost & Found.
Who knows what treasure you'll find!
Socks? Coat? Water bottle? 
Together we plan
Bright futures we see ahead
Love is all around.

Parents and staff, please
Evaluate directors.
Email sent Jan. 6.

In Gratitude We Thank

Scott Smith, Virginia Klara, Inge Terrill, Tree Gigante, and Wubi and Jonah Coldwater for donating birdseed for our fine, feathered friends.

An Anonymous Donor
for a donation to the school.

Linda Johnson, Martha Taylor, Winter Koeppe, and Sunny Brontosaurus
for helping in the classroom.

Floyd EcoVillage for providing a beautiful space for our Winter Celebration.

An Anonymous Donor for paying the elementary school's mortgage.

Wall Family Foundation for paying the high school's rent.

Wilder Publications for donating to the scholarship fund.



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